Disbelief, Denomination, Hellgrav @ Helvete

10.05.2024 Oberhausen, Helvete, Germany

Death metal veterans Disbelief are currently on tour through Germany in support of their recently released album “Killing Karma”. Even unforeseen personnel problems couldn’t keep frontman Jagger from quickly putting together a powerful line-up and blowing the roof off venues with a truly awesome release.

This evening Disbelief performed at the Helvete Club in Oberhausen and offered more Death Metal excellence with Hellgrav and Denomination, so that the anticipation among the fans was huge.

The beautiful venue was well attended  accordingly when Hellgrav opened the evening with their very own brutal sound. Right from the start, the impressive number of visitors were treated to a full service of the very best death metal. The men from Hellgrav clearly demonstrated to be a firmly established force in the German death metal underground and belted out one smash hit after another from the PA system! The audience obviously had a lot of fun and honoured the committed and professional performance with huge applause. A very good opener to be reckoned with in the future.


Denomination (start photo) have just as much potential to offer and here, too, this band made clear how to define uncompromisingly brutal death metal from the very first note. Denomination absolutely embody this style and at the Helvete Club, the guys performed it with corresponding motivation and, above all, skill. With influences from thrash, grind and punk rock, the guys created their own successful mixture of various genres and hit the nerve of the audience. What’s more, the band’s enthusiasm was noticable and ignited the audience in no time, therefore the band received well-deserved applause. The audience was now really in the right mood for Disbelief’s performance to be the pinnacle of this fantastic evening.

After a short changeover break, the time had come: frontman Jagger and his newly formed crew entered the stage and really captivated everyone with their massive sound. From the very first moment, Disbelief captivated the audience, beginning their set with “Reborn” from the new  release “Killing Karma”, immediately followed with the title track. The fans welcomed every note gratefully and it was obvious how well and, above all, how intensely the band had prepared for this tour. The song material was performed with immense power and intensity, which caused a lot of movement in the audience and for which Disbelief were naturally celebrated. Jagger crowned the songs with his deep growls and impressed with his usual strong performance. The focus of the set was of course on the new longplayer “Killing Karma”. However, the Hessians did not abandon older material and offered a setlist that was broadly diversified and also included songs from various albums in their discography.

The new guitarists Sebastian Schilling (Discreation) and Stephan Becker (Corrosive) provided an extremely tight in-sync performance and the powerful sound that we have come to expect from Disbelief. And the rest of the band did not fall short: Drummer Timo Claas, together with bassist Peter Frick (Discreation), delivered an extremely driving and precise rhythm that could be felt in the furthest corner of the Helvete Club, thus Disbelief brought a grand finale to this evening. After a little over an hour, the guys fired off the last song, “Rewind It All” from the “66 Sick” album, into the now totally exhausted crowd and received the more than deserved applause from the Oberhausen audience.

Disbelief really do take off venue roofs, this brilliant band should definitely not be missed live. Both thumbs up for this awesome performance!

Setlist Disbelief:
Killing Karma
The waiting
The symbol of death
The scream that slowly disappeared
A leap in the dark
The ground collapses
Scaring threat
Flash of inspiration
Intro 66
Inhuman whore
Rewind it all

Text: Hanzi Herrmann
Photo: Axel Jusseit

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