Avengers: Endgame

3h 1min    Age limit: 12    release 24.4.2019

Who else has been anxiously awaiting the sequel to “Avengers: Infinity War“? Was it worth the wait?

Plainly: Yes.

One way to find out that a movie is good – even after three (!!!) hours that felt somewhat fleeting – you feel like wanting more, seeing more of what happens next … A mini-spoiler, as I want to help out those who might feel a very very urgent call when the credits begin to roll – you can just leave, don’t worry, and no need to rush back.

Marvel means once again quality. This movie is more proof that CGI only works when there’s a good story, “real” characters and human beings behind it. Proof that fantastic super hero stories can be relevant for “real life”. Oscar-crowned Black Panther is a good example, the conflicts there could have been 1:1 from daily newspaper politics section. And those two Avenger movies illustrate nicely that a “simple solution” like the one Thanos has in mind is simply cruel and stupid – just like those “simple solutions” of populist politics (“close the borders! no more foreigners!”). Chapeau by the way to Josh Brolin who manages to give a human dimension to such an evil being!

I suppose I wasn’t the only one being traumatized by Infinity War, stumbling shocked and heartbroken out of the movie theater. Endgame continues here – not just the story but also the overall darkness. And if you think it cannot go any lower – it can. Even though at some point Captain Marvel does indeed show up…

Endgame does not follow a pattern you might expect, it even ridicules expectations, at least those you might have based on your experience with fairy tales or comic books. It’s a wild roller coaster ride in plot and feelings, and there are even more plot twists and surprised. A nice thing is that there’s hardly ever an insult to intelligence, on the contrary, you really need to follow the plot. And I recommend to bring tissues – although some wounds might be tended to and story lines tied together, finding a solution – there are heartbreaks that will remain, and even get worse. I heard adults behind me bursting into tears several times …

But don’t worry, there is at least one of the triple-Chris superhero group – Pratt, Evans, Hemsworth – who brings flashes of light into the darkness. Sometimes literally – right, Thor! I can assure you, you have never seen Thor like this. In case you haven’t be in love with this Chris yet  (Ragnarök!) – you will love him madly after this move. No need to point out the qualities of the other Chris – Evans – as Captain America, neither does “Iron Man” Robert Downey Jr require any more praise … Yet, this time there is tough competition with Mark Ruffalo, his Hulk in this movie is overshadowing every other Hulk-incarnation in TV or movies so far, he is even stealing the show in several scenes. And this from a person who has never been a Hulk fan…

And I would love to write more about the movie, the fantastic actors and that many of them would have deserved more screen time. Yet in some cases even mentioning them would be a spoiler – and I want to keep it short. I hope the ingenious Avengers – Guardians of the Galaxy mashup will have a sequel somehow… and all that remains is thanking the whole team, from script writer to director to actors, for a complex yet fascinating movie adventure. I have to go back and watch it again …

PS: Not sure but is there a last Stan Lee cameo or did they do some CGI? In case you know more, please comment via social media…

  • 9.5/10
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