Los Bastardos Finlandeses – Rock’n’Roll

Label: 100% Record Company    release: March 2019

You’ll find quite many bands in Finland that always deliver quality, therefore you can simply buy any concert ticket or CD with their name on it. And the last release of those Finnish bastards happened four years ago… The simple name of their seventh album “Rock n Roll” is actually a quite accurate description of the content: Straight forward Rock / Hardrock with this instant-ear-candy appeal. You cannot help rocking, singing, head-banging or dancing along. The latter could even be observed during their record release party (PHOTO GALLERY) involving male fans…

In case you have never heard of this band – imagine Motörhead, Thin Lizzy and ZZ Top put together into a single project, that’s what Los Bastardos pretty much sound like. The variety of the whole album is presented within the first 3 songs: After this catchy Hardrock opener “The King Is Dead”, the much rougher “Toast” reminds you of early Motörhead, which gives the Rock ballad “Someone Like You” even more of radio AOR appeal. This might be the next all time classic of the band after e.g. “Desperado”, “Acapulco” … simply check the videos below.

A major selling point is the highly recognizable voice of El Taff Bastardo (Bryn Jones), who can do rough as well as tender. Then this skilled guitar work by Don Osmo and the new guy Young Gun, following Ben Granfelt’s footsteps, over the precise and catchy but still complex beats by El Bastardo Grande – simply an album that you can play over and over.

For those who are Bastardo-fans already, this album is a must anyway. And who has never heard of this band before, this album might turn you into a Bastardos-fan.

The Band:
El Taff Bastardo (Bryn Jones) – Vocals, Bass
El Bastardo Grande (Twist Twist Erkinharju) – Drums
Don Osmo (Olli Kykkänen) – Guitar, Vocals
Young Gun (Ailu Immonen) – Guitar, Vocals

Toast ( Official lyric video )

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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