Kissin’ Dynamite / John Diva and the Rockets of Love @ Z7 Pratteln

11.04.2019 Live at Z7 Konzertfabrik Pratteln, Switzerland

This evening is all about Glam Rock, glitter, leather, long hair, flamboyant musicians and last but not least great music. A lot of party people are interested in this German headliner, even on a Thursday and the alcohol consumption is growing as much as the number of photographers for this event. Our photos HERE.

The front man and lead singer John Diva who opens the show with his Rockets of Love can claim that he was born into rock lifestyle because his mother is said to be a famous groupie, who once came home crying «Rock is Dead», so he created this debut album just to make her happy. It is clear that they were inspired by the success of Steel Panther. Similar back story, a former cover band now writing their own songs, they obviously wear wigs and the vocals could be – at least partly – playback. Those US guys play with all the usual clichés of Rock lifestyle, deliver quite nice songs and get the party going. John has a good voice and some nice moves, therefore John Diva and the Rockets of Love were a great choice as a support act for this headliner.

The fact that the stage is covered by a huge Kissin’ Dynamite banner during the changeover makes me curious about the stage design. After the intro of  «I’ve Got the Fire» we finally get to see the stage, and it does not quite look as impressive as expected. Yet there are a lot of hidden features revealed later in the show. The photo pit is brutal as many seem to panic when they start shooting with a 30 seconds delay. I wonder what’s wrong, they usually do not even follow the instructions to stop shooting after 3 songs, and this time you are even allowed to continue taking photos from the crowd.

Kissin Dynamite are warmly welcomed by the fans and the party begins immediately. Singer Hannes and his guys obviously enjoy playing for such an enthusiastic crowd. One of the hidden features are “smoke pillars” that the string section often uses for special effects that look great but don’t require much hassle.  The guitar players Jim and Ande and Bassist Steffen bring a lot of action to the stage, you hardly know where to look. Those Germans deliver a highly professional show and the audience is taking part in whatever the band comes up with, rocking or singing along. Later they use their cellphone flash lights to turn the hall into a sea of flames. Some even try to use lighters instead, but Hannes doubts they could keep it up for the whole song as lighters turn hot too quickly. So there’s something good about modern technology. I can only imagine how fantastic this sea of little lights must have looked like from the stage – it must be an incredible view. In the middle of the set a surprise, singer Anna Brunner from the band Exit Eden joins Hannes to sing «Ecstasy». She seems a bit nervous first, but then joins the next song «Sleaze Deluxe» too.

No rest for the wicked, after two more songs an illuminated piano is rolled on stage and Hannes performs «Heart of Stone», a real nice song and it has nothing to do with the song by Europe. «Six Feet Under» is something the guys dedicate to the couples in the audience, which too many take as an invitation to make out – get a room! 😉  «I Will be King» is presented by Hannes dressed as a king, and his court jester fires up the crowd. After that the official part of the show is done, but the audience is not willing to let the band leave yet. They come back – the stage reveals more light effects – with a huge KD flag, and it seems those guys grow with the love of the audience minute by minute.  «You’re not Alone» and «Flying Colours» – with Anna Brunner are the final songs but it seems the band does not want to leave the stage either. They put on a big good bye, giving every band member the chance to enjoy a fan wave – a great idea that works out nicely this night.

A highly professional act, witty and charming, offering a great performance – I am impressed and can only say thank you for this great show.

Sandy Mahrer

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