Behemoth, At The Gates, Wolves In The Throne Room @ The Circus Helsinki

29.01.2019, The Circus Helsinki, Finland

For the release of their new album ‘I loved you at your darkest’ on 5.October 2018, Behemoth announced a tour and also 2 dates in Finland were on their tour schedule. Even Polish people found their way to Helsinki to see them live on stage. On 29.January 2019 they played in the sold out The Circus club, the following day in Tampere at the likewise sold-out Pakkahuone Club.

As first warm-up band Wolves In The Throne Room enters the stage, although first you can hardly see them in this light and all the sacred sage fog. The mood is a little subdued at this time and the hall still half empty, most of the crowd is still at the wardrobe or at the bar to fetch some drinks. The Doom sound of the band is a little monotonous and after 30 minutes the Wolves gig is done.

When the second band At the Gates enters the stage, the audience warms up to them immediately as they are quite well-known around here. The gig is energetic and so is the crowd keeping a little moshpit in the middle. There is an overall enthusiastic atmosphere and until the end of the show the audience is fully supportive.

When after a little changeover break for Behemoth the black curtain falls, the shape of Finland with the inverted cross becomes visible on a screen and the first song Wolves of Siberia starts with full power and with pyrotechnics in the background. The audience is immediately supporting the band, you can feel the energy in the whole area, even up there on the balcony. It is an absolute pleasure to see Nergal and his bandmates with such a good mood and full of energy.


The whole show is not only for the ears but also for the eyes an absolute pleasurable and indeed an experience. In the background a LED wall is displaying the video to each song. Nergals voice is in top shape and he communicates the whole time with the people in the crowd.

Before they perform Conquer All, Nergal remembers the audience of the gig many years ago at the Tuska Festival and he is still amazed by the Finnish fans and their support.

The setlist is, of course, arranged according to the new album, but there are also some classics. Personally I missed O Father O Satan O Sun in their choice of songs.

During the encores Nergal is also looking for the personal closeness to the audience and climbs down to the crowd. For their last song We are the next 1000 years, the band leaves the stage just to come back with drums and finish the show in an impressive way.

The show was visually and acoustically absolutely successful, pure pleasure and for every Behemoth fan a must-see. Thank you Behemoth for this wonderful event and next time in Finland we will be there again!

Wolves of Siberia
Ora Pro Nobis Lucifer
Ov Fire and the Void
Conquer all
Eccelsia Diabolica Catholica
Decade if Therion
Blow your trumpets Gabriel
Slaves shall serve
Chant for Eschaton 2000

We are the next 1000 years

Text: Tatjana Tattis Murschel, photos: K. Weber


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