Flat Earth / Jimsonweed @ Nosturi

23.11.2018, Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

A brand new band with brand new song material, but all of them have been around in the biz for quite a while … besides all those well-known names in the line-up.

That’s already the case with Jimsonweed who were resurrected in early 2017 after a long break. It’s been a while since I had seen them for the first time on stage, together with HIM at one legendary New Years-Eve-show… Both bands are still connected in a way, in the person of drummer  Juhana Rantala (“Pätkä”). Apropos “connected”, as singer Suho Superstar still has his wicked moves, at some point a cable tangle occurred… but professionals like guitarero  Sami Yli-Sirniö (e.g. Kreator), Ville Pelkonen (b) or Kasper Martenson (e.g. Turisas) as well as Aki Mäki-Kuhna (git) don’t even need to interrupt the show for fixing this…

Such Psychedelic / Stoner Rock is just right for warming up a slightly slow crowd, at least slow in showing up to the gig. But within the first 2 songs Jimsonweed created a party mood.


The club should not fill up to the brim this evening, but the pit filled nicely before the eagerly anticipated headliner Flat Earth started punctually. This brand new act had had their live debut on this stage already, yet this evening is their premiere as headliner in Helsinki. Well, with this line-up there is no reason to worry whether they can translate the material of their debut album  “None For One” for a live stage: Mikko „Linde“ Lindström (git), Mika „Gas Lipstick“ Karppinen (dr, both Ex-HIM), Niclas Etelävuori (Ex-Amorphis, bass) and Anttoni „Anthony“ Pikkarainen (Polanski, voc). The ear candy qualities of their songs work live even better, and even those songs that I found a bit too much Prog on the CD. The band obviously enjoyed the show as much as the audience – I saw people rocking even in the very back at the bar.

Anttoni proved his front man qualities also in this environment with flawless vocals and some funny remarks in between. A successful Helsinki debut! After the show the fans got to chat with the guys at the merch table – where I could find out that yes, they all quite enjoy playing club shows, despite the fact they filled arenas with their previous bands. Well, this might be in the future of this band, too…. keep an eye on them!

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