Iron Maiden in Helsinki

28. and 29.5.2018, Hartwall Arena, Helsinki, Finland  – our correspondent live from the audience via Social Media – and photos of this evening: Melanie Kircher

Photos of May 29, 2018: Tina Solda

Support act Killswitch Engage played the Dio coverversion Holy Diver as the last song of their set.

Iron Maiden  changed their stage set at every song, and there was a live Trooper on stage. Fireworks – and a lantern for Fear Of The Dark. 2 hours of full energy, fantastic performance, great music, a cheerful band and a great crowd in an almost sold out arena.


GastmitarbeiterInnen / guest contributions

GastmitarbeiterInnen / guest contributions

Regular guest contributors e.g. Melanie Kircher, Sander Burmeister, Grit Kabiersch, Marina Minkler, Maria Levin, Elvira Visser, Nina Ratavaara, John Wisniewski