Vote for the Finnish Metal Metropolis!

There’s no doubt: Finland is the heavy metal nation on the globe! More than 53 metal bands for every 100,000 inhabitants – that’s more than any other nation in the world. But which Finnish city is the most METAL metropolis?

A website called Capital of Metal (supported by the Ministry for Foreign Affairs, which produces ThisisFINLAND) proposes to answer that question, with the help of bands and their fans. That means, YOU can visit the website and VOTE (when you are a band) or LIKE (as a fan) until June 20, 2018 – and WIN!

Bands are going online to add themselves to a map of Finland. They also get to tell the world about themselves and their hometowns, in their own words.

Fans of those bands throughout the land – and across the globe, from all countries, can visit the Capital of Metal website to “like” their favourites.

And here’s the catch: The organisers, who include Helsinki’s renowned Tuska Festival (the name can be translated as “agony”), Sony Music Finland and music shops such as Musamaailma and Record Shop X, will announce the winner  of the Capital of Metal title on June 21. That city gets its own stand at Tuska Festival, the bands of that city enter a draw for music shop gift certificates. The fans who frequent the site have a chance to win a trip for two to Tuska, complete with VIP access!

In any case, it’s a win for you just to visit the Capital of Metal website just to gather more information about Finland, the cities, the bands originating from that particular city (you might be surprised…), Finnish Metal and the Finnisch fan community. Putting aside the raw stats about how many metal bands Finland has, there does seem to be something in the Finnish mindset – or maybe in Finnish society or in the clean forest air, or even in the education system – that allows heavy metal music to flourish. Or maybe it’s all of the above, and more….

Photo: Jesse Kämäräinen

PS: Click HERE if you want to know more about the Finnish science community focusing on Metal music as their research agenda, or other links featuring Finland and Metal!

Klaudia Weber

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