Crystal Ball – Crystallizer

Massacre Records VÖ/Release: 27.04.2018

Merely 19 months after their last album titled Deja-Voodoo, the Swiss band Crystal Ball publish their new album – the fourth with singer Steven Mageney. Crystallizer was again recorded at ROXX Studio in Solingen, Germany, and produced by Stefan Kaufmann (ex-U.D.O and ex-Accept).

And those who know Crystal Ball a little bit also know that they don’t need to worry about whether the guys will deliver a good or a bad album. So far, they‘ve never let their fans down. On the last record, I criticised the effects on the vocal lines and luckily, they disappeared completely from this album, which fits much better to the band‘s sound. The metal heart will certainly beat faster with Crystallizer. Besides some excellent fast songs, there‘s also a ballad on the album. The beautiful Let Her Go With Love has become my absolute favourite. So guys, please play this song live, too!

If you consider buying this album, I‘d recommend to get the Digipack (link below) because you will get two more songs: Satisfaction Guaranteed and Exit Wound, the second ballad, are tracks you definitely don‘t want to miss. They are simply great.

In May, Crystal Ball play a few shows in Germany and Switzerland. I‘d also recommend to go and see them but don‘t forget to rehearse their songs beforehand – because singing along is very much desired at their gigs.

  • 10/10
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