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Korpiklaani / Turisas / Trollfest @ Z7 Pratteln

09.03.2019 Z7 Konzertfabrik, Pratteln, Schweiz

This show tonight in Pratteln is right in the middle of the «Wayfarers & Warriors»  tour for those Scandinavian metallers (who set off soon after their show in Helsinki), and tonight it’s surprising that the club is pretty much sold out despite the fact it’s Fasnacht opening.

A lot of people arrive punctually for Trollfest and with their balloon decoration on stage, colorful stage lights, heavy make-up and male musicians princess outfits it seems you are at the wrong show at some carnival instead. When Trollmannen (in a king robe and balloon crown which later slips and blinds him) starts to sing, there’s no longer a doubt that this is a metal band. At some point the decoration becomes audience entertainment when even the crown is dismantled and ends up in the hands of the enthusiastic front row people. The Norwegians create a lot of fun, especially with their Britney Spears cover  «Toxic» and it’s quite astonishing that so many metal fans can sing along to that. What a greatly entertaining and funny start of this concert evening!


After a short changeover it’s time for Turisas. I have not seen this band for quite some time and I have to say they still surprise me positively. They have become a bit calmer on stage but they still inspire the audience with their heroic songs. Singer Mathias Nygard still seems to be nervous sometimes which makes him and the band even more likeable. The violinist tonight is  Caitlin De Ville, replacing Olli Vänskä who cannot attend this tour because of family reasons. This violinist from Zambia who is otherwise rather Pop-Elektro orientated does a great job with the Finnish Metalheads. After their  «Rasputin» Cover Turisas leave the stage only to return soon for encores, an acoustic set. In my opinion not a good choice, it would have been better to play that before Rasputin and it seems to lower the good mood in the audience. Yet still a great show of those Northern warriors.

Finnish Humppa music, a Kantele, accordion, violin, heavy guitar riffs and the unique vocals of  Jonne Järvelä – that’s Korpiklaani. Finally another tour of those Finns, and this time some of the lyrics appear on a screen, as every singer gets older and tends to forget texts. A lot of bands use this tool nowadays, therefore no big deal.  Korpiklaani focus the show on their Finnish song material, only a few English songs are in the set, and this appeals quite well to the audience. Well, considering the overall beer consumption on this evening, it seems everybody here speaks perfect Finnish by now.  Jonne Järvelä looks a bit like a Western movie hero all dressed in black, and he is in very good shape. In the past there have been problems sometimes when he had drunk too much before a gig. And you can see that the whole band truly enjoys being on stage tonight. Once again a great Korpiklaani show and it’s most important that people on and in front of the stage have a lot of fun. Then it does not matter if every note is played perfectly or not.  «Beer, Beer» and «Vodka» is how those Tontu creatures return to their forest, and hopefully they come back to play in Switzerland again soon.


Sandy Mahrer

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