Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Label: Century Media   release: 5.1.2018

Frustration about those daily horror news from EU and across the pond? Convinced that the next asteroid is overdue to provide another clean slate for the evolution on earth? Well, then I found the perfect soundtrack for this mood, or to let off steam when necessary…

Watain, the Black Metallers fron Uppsala, unleash the beast right from the start on their new, sixth release “Trident Wolf Eclipse”. Brutal, extreme, check the video clip below – and in my opinion a Death / Black Metal bastard because I think I could hear some occasional bows to Slayer. BM purists might enjoy this album because of the classic “slightly-over-the-top” sound reminding you of  Venom and Bathory.

“Furor Diaboli” has some perverse ear candy quality, “A Throne Below” and “The Fire Of Power” groove like hell (sic) and “Teufelsreich” has an epic outline, still I would have enjoyed more diversity in song structures (and that’s my only complaint here). Because somehow my attention is drifting off somewhere else when blast beat / growl / riff orgies take too much space. Yet I bet it is those orgies that Watain fans enjoy most.

Apropos orgies, you can celebrate those live with the band on their mini tour in the coming days, incl. a gig in Germany (supported by Occvlta, Horns of Domination, Degial and Hell Militia):
05.01. Stockholm (SE) – Kraken – SOLD OUT
10.01. Berlin (DE) – Lido
11.01. London (GB) – The Dome
12.01. Tilburg (NL) – 013
13.01. Paris (FR) – La Maroquinerie



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