Hardcore Superstar / Fozzy / The Last Band / Madame Mayhem

09.11.2017 Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

Real November weather today, and because I am convinced that doors open at 18.30 h, a traffic jam makes me arrive late and miss most of the first band.

Madame Mayhem from the USA do not quite convince. Musically not bad, but the female front person is more gifted in showing bathing suits than singing. Nevertheless the male audience is happy, I wonder why nobody approached her later when she was in the audience to watch the other bands.

It continues after a much too long stage changeover with  The Last Band from Gothenburg – still not the last band of this evening. Their Hardcore Punk appeals to the audience, and the skinny bitches – as they call themselves – deliver a lot of power. Especially the topless singer, showing off his skinny body. The band does not really fit into the package, but the audience loves them.

It seems to take hours until it continues with the only band I really want to see tonight:  Fozzy,the band of Wrestler Chris Jericho. They had convinced fully last time, therefore many people claim that this act was the reason they attend the show. Jericho enters the stage in glitter-studs-outfit and prove his showman qualities once again. His fellow musicians likewise know how to please the eye, even drummer juggles his sticks. There is not a single boring moment, Jericho has the full attention of the crowd that sets of chanting Happy Birthday several times – 5 times on this evening. Even a birthday cake is brought on stage by a guy in Blue Oyster Bar – Outfit, but Jericho rather hands it over to the audience. Well, as soon as you get older, even enjoying a bit of cake can add 5 pounds… Fozzy chants and a fully responsive audience might be an even better B-day present, and the band seems to be happy about the gig.

I am a little bit surprised that Hardcore Superstar did not draw a bigger crowd as there are sold out shows up in the North. About 250 people are not much for this party band, but there is much more crowd right at the stage than before, especially female fans. Those Swedes really know how to create catchy songs with a driving beat. Singer Jocke Berg impresses with his fitness, he jogs on stage all the time, jumps, and still manages to sing flawlessly. A good show and the audience enjoys it from the start to the end. Especially the «Last Call for Alcohol» with fans on stage is a blast, and then also HS sing a Happy Birthday for Mr. Jericho. It seems that they had just started playing when they go into the encores part and end the show with  «We don’t celebrate Sundays».

A nice concert evening with bands who know how to entertain a crowd.

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