Ancara – Garden of Chains

Release: 03.03.2017 Label: Concorde Music Company

Finally, it is here – the new album from Finnish rockers Ancara. The band recorded “Garden of Chains” in Finland and Hollywood, with Jimmy Westerlung and Erno Laitinen as producers. In November 2015, Ancara went on a real adventure as a band and climbed the Mount Everest only to play one of the highest gigs ever, in an altitude of 4,600 metres. There, they also shot a video for “Ending Mode”. Bound together after an experience like this, they are back with “Garden of Chains” – eight years after their last release “Chasing Shadows”.

I am really surprised about the things I get to hear. During the break, a lot seems to have happened in the band. The songs are now more sophisticated than before and also more diverse – from heavy Rock songs to more poppy stuff, it’s all here. Musicwise, there’s a 200% increase to what they have done before – and that was already very good. And singer Sammy Salminen sings like a young God, being more diversified and, well, more adventurous, too – what else could you want from a singer. This is not to say, he sang badly on the previous record but I don’t remember him being that good.

It’s been quite some time since I last heard such a good record, which surprised me so positively – and that from a band that I already knew and liked. So, my respect for this development. Visiting Mount Everest seems to have been the perfect inspiration. An awesome record!

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

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