Chris L Svensson: Story of my Life

Release: 2016 Label: Vegna Music

Some of you should be familiar with Chris as he’s the front man of Swedish Hard Rockers Dirty Passion. Under the name Chris L Svensson, he now releases his first solo album and, surprise, surprise, it’s in a totally different genre that what we are used of him. “Story of my Life” is a Country album and I can tell you it is a very good one, indeed. On it, you find sixteen songs, all written by Chris himself, except “Something in the Night”. Alongside uptempo songs, spreading good mood, there are also very beautiful but also sad ballads on the album.

Even though I don’t follow this music too much anymore, I grew up with lots of country music and therefore I can assure you, this man has a lot of talent. His voice suits many different styles, it fits very well not only to Hard Rock but also to Country music. The songs are all very well-arranged and the numerous guest musicans bring a lot of diversity to the music. The voices of Mia Marjasdotter, Rosita Elfving and Jörgen Johansson, with whom Chris sings duets on the album, harmonise very well with his voice. My absolutes favorites are “Son of ‘Em All”, “Midnight Cigarette” and “The Last Dance” – the slightly faster songs of the album. Personally, I can only recommend “Story of my Life” – not only to Country fans but also to Hard Rockers, who are open for something new and easy going.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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