Ringworm: Privileged to rock

Guest author: John Wisniewski

Their 8th album ”Snake Church” hitting the market tomorrow, and a tour coming up – Thrash legends Ringworm, hailing from Cleveland, USA, have some busy times coming up. Luckily vocalist Human Furnace found time for a little chat:

How did it feel to be back in the studio, recording the new album, HF?

The studio is always a bit exciting, as you finally get to see ideas completely fleshed out and to fruition. Although, it can also be exhausting and quite stressful, the end result is worth the hard work. Plus I always realize that I’m quite privileged to be able to actually record music, so it’s fun.

What bands were you listening to while recording?

Eh, the same music I would listen to when I wasn’t in the studio. But, during recording, I really don’t listen to too much really. It’s hard to focus. So I pretty much just listen to the songs that I need to write words for exclusively, with the occasional break here or there, but mostly I like to keep things quiet.

Any favorite metal bands of all time?

VOIVOD, The Accused

What has kept Ringworm going for all of these years?

Probably the fact that we still enjoy what we are doing. Plus I think we are still good at it.  It’s very difficult at times, but we’re all pretty much lifers, it would seem.

What is the underground metal scene like in Cleveland, currently?

Pretty good I guess, although I’m don’t really get a chance to see a lot as I’m constantly working

Any band side projects that you wish to tell us about, HF?

Sure GLUTTONS, and SHED THE SKIN -Go check them out. GLUTTONS is a rock band that I play guitar in, as well as Ed, our bass player, and Shed the Skin is a death metal outfit that our guitar player Matt plays in (with Ed as well, ha) Ed’s a busy guy I guess.

What lies in the bands future?

Lots of touring for the new record, I would hope

And indeed, from mid-November to December, Ringworm will hit the European stages, namely Belgium, France, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Poland, Germany – details HERE

Photo: Relapse Records

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