Letzte Instanz – Liebe im Krieg

Label: AFM Records  Release: 12th August 2016  Playing Time: 47 min


Letzte Instanz has already released 11 albums – so many, but still they could not step out of the shadow of bands like Subway to Sally, In Extremo or Schandmaul.  Their new 12th album should change everything and live up to the spearheads of the German Rock/Metal scene.

To succeed with this attempt, Letzte Instanz and their producer Markus Schlichterle (known for his work with non-Metal acts like Juli and Christina Stürmer) has bred 12 unbelievably pop-style songs. They should be catchy. And they are  in some ways, yet in a way they fail to be catchy, because nothing stuck in my memory after 4 times in a row listening to the entire album. Unbelievably pop-sounding guitars as well, although the sound is quite heavy (just like the album as a whole, the be fair), but nevertheless a certain edge is missing. After a whole listening cycle, I got a feeling that I have just heard  the same song 12 times, just with a little bit of different lyrics. Maybe someone likes this stuff, but I do not!

  • 4/10
    Bewertung / rating - 4/10

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