Kornelius Flowers: Vintage Hedonist

Label: SumoRex Release: 03.06.2016

With Kornelius Flowers I’m not sure how to label him. The music worms its way into my ears like good Pop music, rocks, sounds somewhat like Punk at times and brings so many other musical elements that I don’t want to put him in a box. I can state though that “Vintage Hedonist” the first solo album of The Shames’ lead singer shows a lot of variety. Each song sounds different and it feels as if a fresh breeze is blowing through this CD.

I have to admit to being skeptical when the CD first started because the opener “Abba” is a song I could not relate to at first. Yet the second song “Buried As A Child” instantly got me hooked and I could not get it out of my mind. Many of the songs I can imagine being great live songs. “Evil Head” for instance makes me want to dance or at least jump around. “The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill” offers driving drums and guitars, “I Declare War” feels a lot like Punk, while “Thousand Times” shows a few echoes of Country. This is an album with so many different musical influences that it is easy for everyone to find their own associations with the songs and that is the way it should be. The lyrics are worth listening to as well. One of my favorites is “I Don’t Believe in anything” where the singer charmingly explains that everything will be fine because he does not believe in anything but the woman the song is addressed to. Until the end of the CD Kornelius Flowers is full of surprises. There is no weak song on this album and with “The Right Way” he is kicking it up a notch towards the end. Overall a well balanced and fascinating album that shows a lot of hit potential. Give it a listen!


  1. Abba
  2. Buried As A Child
  3. Fire In The Air
  4. Evil Head
  5. The Girl Who Lives On Heaven Hill
  6. Thousand Times
  7. I Declare War
  8. When Will I Be Your Man
  9. I Don’t Believe In Anything
  10. The Way You Are
  11. The Right Way
  12. Hall Of Fame
  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Stefanie Oepen

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