Tuska On Wheels: Rätäk, Block Buster, Inkvisitor

3.6.2016 Bar Loose, Helsinki, Finland

Maybe the Queen & Adam Lambert show at Kaisaniemi Park at this evening impacted audience numbers elsewhere, for example at this early Tuska Festival warm up mini tour that found its conclusion in Helsinki.

When Rätäk entered the stage, the club still looked a bit too empty; luckily more people showed up during this show. My first impression was ”Judas Priest on Speed”, the second ”the Finnish version of Tankard”, not only because of Thrash sound and the fun factor on stage. Instead of beer they obsess over rats, e.g. Meth Lab Rat, a song with a catchy chorus to shout along. Already at this point I guess everybody present considered it a blessing that the club wasn’t filled to the brim, as this Tuska warm up had turned into Tuska Sauna. Band website

Block Buster seem to have some kinship with AC / DC, not only musically (traditional, Blues-rooted, dirty, high octane Rock’n Roll) – 2 brothers founded the band in Kuopio in 2008. And well, what to say, the first time I had seen them live I was so impressed that I invited them to a Fresh Act interview. And since then they have even improved their kick-ass show. This year they will open the Tuska main stage on Sunday. Indeed, this stage seemed to small for the guitarist, who entertained the now more respectable amount of party people on eye level.
And although this kind of music rather inspires another kind of beverage, I think I never drank so much water at a concert without having a car to drive afterwards…

The temperatures inside caused a certain drop of attendance, when Inkvisitor from Jyväskylä started their technically sophisticated Thrash set. Wow, what energy level, not only sound-wise – is the singer somehow related to Profane Omen’s Jules? Because only during announcements between songs you got a chance to catch a photo … Turned out that this was his the last show with this band… and the last show of Tuska on Wheels mini-tour, as the Turku gig had been cancelled. Well, a great evening that could have had more fans near the stage – and I don’t just mean human beings …


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