Scarabeusdream – tacet tacet tacet

Label: StoneFree Records; Release: 29/04/2016

An Austrian duo, Scarabeusdream have been around for 15 years with this being their first new material for 8 years. Across the net there are many descriptions of what they are (New Noise is their own description taken from the facebook page), but it’s truly a challenge to attempt to put them in just one genre.

The album title means “it is silent”, but it is anything but!

There are moments when they hit the Ibiza Chillout style popular in the early 2000’s (Something For Trumpet), others when the duo play with stylised rock and 90’s indie (Don’t Waste Your Tears), and then there’s the Martin Grech style composition and vocal (Leave Home).

This album takes you on an amazing journey and depending on your musical preferences, the fork in the road will either take you to heaven or hell. Personally, this is the most breathtakingly original album of the year so far.

Standout track – Something For Trumpet. The simplicity is obvious, but it gets under the skin and builds up to a beautiful climax.

Listen here

Track listing:
1. tacet
2. Something for Trumpet
3. Don’t Waste Your Tears
4. Where Is My Life?
5. Echo
6. Leave Home
7. Casting TV
8. Choose To Believe
9. Pareidolia

  • 9.5/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 9.5/10

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