Seeds of Mary – Choose your Lie

Label : Independent / self-release Spielzeit : 50 Min.
Seeds of Mary raised on the ashes of the band Dirt at the end of the year 2012. But the band worked very fast and a few months later the French quintet from Bordeaux  released its debut full-length album  „Seeds of Mary“ with songs like „Godspeed“ and „A new Day“.
The music reminds of forgotten  90´s Rock Songs mixed with Grunge. Occasionally the songs are stretched with piano parts, which I find quite unnecessary and rather skip few seconds.

The new album  „Choose your Lie“ – released Nov 2015 as limited edition and now re-released to promote the upcoming Tour – displays much improvement. The sound is cleaner, the performance captures your attention. The title song is my favourite on this CD, but also  „God and a Gun“ and „Killing Monsters“ are worth to be pointed out. Many songs sound quite similar which is not improved when they lay the focus on guitar soli.

People who like Guns´n´Roses or Metallica, or also Alice In Chains or The Cult and people who are fans of  Seeds of Mary already will not be disappointed and probably will even be positively surprised. I personally rather stay with my favourites.

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  • 8/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 8/10

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