THERION – Blood Of The Dragon

Label: Stygian Crypt prods / Possession prods    Release: March 15, 2018

Admittedly, there was a slight pang of disappointment when the new Therion album turned out to be a collection of cover versions. Yet when listening to it, you realize there is no reason to be disappointed at all. First, all those recordings are indeed a rarity: Therion interpreting songs of other bands, bands you might not easily connect with the Therion sound – e.g. Metallica or Motörhead. Those tracks – some are live recordings – were recorded by Therion and previously released on compilation albums only. Wrapping them into this package is doing fans a real favour, therefore a must-have anyway.

The second CD presents Therion songs covered by other bands – which made me a bit sceptical, but WOW, all of those tracks turn out to be very well done. Yes, there is a feeling of “cringe” sometimes at the first notes, especially when you are familiar with the original, but it turns out that the final product is not cringeworthy at all. Naturally bands put their own trademark on the track, some bands stick closer to the original than others, and I was pleased to find out that some of my faves (e.g. Invocation of Naamah) fall into the first category. However, I cannot name one single track or band that I would not like to listen to on this release. A job well done by all the bands, as Therion is not as easily re-interpreted as a 3-piece-garage-act… Therefore YES, this is indeed an album not only Therion fans can enjoy, basically a “best-of” with the twist of a very special experience (instead of putting some old stuff together on one album). Value for money indeed!

Track list:
CD I (Covers by Therion):
01 – Fight Fire With Fire
02 – The King
03 – Southbound
04 – Witching Hour
05 – Green Manalishi
06 – Revelations
07 – Black Funeral (feat. Messiah Marcolin)
08 – Iron Fist
09 – Ivanubis Hollanda – Perennial Sophia
10 – Ivanubis Hollanda – Raven Of Dispersion

CD II (Tribute to Therion):
01 – GHOST WARFARE – An Arrow From The Sun
02 – ANTYRA – Asgard
03 – REVOLTED MASSES – Baal Reginon
04 – REMAINS – Genocidal Raids
05 – DAY 40 – Invocation Of Naamah
06 – DARK LETTER – Kali Yuga. Part I
07 – WHIRLWIND STORM – Liusalvheim
08 – THEOSOPHY – Pandemonic Outbreak
09 – THEUDHO – Schwarzalbenheim
10 – THE EXPERIMENT no.Q – Seven Secrets Of The Sphynx
11 – IMPERIAL AGE – To Mega Therion
12 – ELIMI – The Blood Of Kingu
13 – NUMENOR – The Riders Of Theli
14 – MARE INFINITUM – The Wand Of Arabis
15 – FROZEN OCEAN – The Wings Of The Hydra
16 – MAJESTY OF REVIVAL – Wisdom And The Cage

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

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