Revolted Masses – Age Of Descent

Inverse Records / Secret Entertainment, VÖ: Nov 2015

The introduction sounds more like Stoner Rock, but then Revolted Masses reveal what they are about – aggressive riffing, brutal drumming, growls, all the ingredients of a technically flawless Melodic Death album. Plus the diverse and complex song structures of Thrash Metal, and also those sick guitar soli should be mentioned. A song like Flesh Inc. Gets close to Grindcore, but then there are e.g. Waltz for The Fallen or Panopticon, where Headbangers will find the perfect groove, but still those songs are very heavy stuff – simply great. But can this band create something to be different from Soilwork and the like?

Well, when they include oriental ethno elements, like at DiscrimiNation, or this acoustic Flamenco part in Matricide – this is not only very appealing but also creates a trademark sound. Moreover, a clean (self-made) production and several guest musicians, e.g. Fotis Benardo (Ex Septicflesh) appearing on the final track Murder ex Machina make it clear that the second album of this Greek act can only be recommended.


Track list:
01.Slave to the Media
02.Waltz for the Fallen
03.Bloodshed in Eden
05.Bite the Hand that Feeds Them
07.Severed Aphrodite
09.Flesh Inc.
10.Ruled by Rats
11.Murder ex Machina (ft. Fotis Benardo ex-Septicflesh)

George Stefanis – Vocals
Vaggelis Theodorakis – Guitars
Kostas Karvounis – Guitars
George Stathopoulos – Bass Guitar
George Anamouroglou – Drums

  • 8.5/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 8.5/10

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