Ghost City – Tragic Soul Symphony

Underground Symphony Records, release: Nov 2015
What a bombastic start – and well, the title of the album should already give you the idea to expect Symphonic Metal. Indeed, the Italian band Ghost City offers a wide spectrum of melodies (keyboard, guitars) which can be compared with genre top acts Savatage or Nightwish. The choruses and choirs add the element of drama, the rhythm variety ranges from ballad to Speed Metal, and even Thrash elements are added to the mix: Power Metal meets Symphonic meets Hardrock, plus a full range of emotions and moods. You really feel like listening to a musical theater performance, or better, a real Metal Opera – therefore this is already a recommendation for fans of this genre.
What I find very frustrating in this particular case – is there any regulation for epic Symphonic Rock/Metal which requires fire alarm vocals? For me those moments rather spoil the pleasure of listening to those great songs…

Don’t get me wrong, Francesco Civardi has a good voice, which in my opinion simply sounds so much better when he remains in his lower chest range in showing off his voice control skills (e.g. this “tragic soul sing for me” Chorus, initial parts of Ghosts, Slaves of yourself or Sleeping Black Beauty). Or do genre fans particularly enjoy such high pitched vocals? For me it’s a pity I cannot give an even higher rating.

Ghost City - Tragic Soul Symphony (Official Teaser)

01. Hypocrisy
02. Nobody Will Be In You
03. Ghosts (From Your Inner Abyss)
04. Desireless Future
05. Sleeping Black Beauty
06. Living Agony
07. Fate
08. Slaves Of Yourself
09. Lord Byron (feat. Roberto Quassolo)

Ghost City are:

Francesco Civardi: Vocals
Raffaele Salomoni: Guitar
Alex Battini: Keys
Emmanuele Torchio: Bass
Paolo De Vecchi: Drums

  • 8/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 8/10

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