Schakal: Schakal

Label: Earhammer, Release: 26.01.2015

Darkness lies upon the place, where the jackals live. That’s how the info sheet, accompanying this CD, starts that now lies in front of me. Alright, let’s see or better hear what German band SCHAKAL (German for jackal) has to offer on its same-titled debut album. Roland Scharf (vocals/guitar), Hermann von Ohr (bass/vocals) and Antonius Grützner (drums/vocals) are committed to German-language Metal of, in their own words, the dark and mysterious kind. Indeed, their lyrics revolve around the many things that worry us or the things we do. Their songs are about the internal affairs that keep a tight grip on us day by day, the demons inside of us all. Musicwise, the guys did a great job. They surely know how to handle their instruments and how to fit in the vocals harmoniously. Recommendations are: “Eis und Glut”, “Sklave der Sucht”, “Kein Ursprung, kein Ende” und “Antiquar der Lüge”. All in all, “Schakal” is a great first record from Schakal. Thus, if you like German-language Metal with a dark twist, go to the band’s website and take a listen to some of the tracks.

  • 7.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 7.5/10

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