Gamma Ray – Heading for tomorrow

re-issue (Anniversary Edition); Label Earmusic (Edel)

“It´s been 25 years ago that the original version of the album “Heading for tomorrow” was released – and that´s quite a while”, the band probably thought and decided to release the album, together with a B-side, as an “Anniversary Edition”. Some might be complaining that it´s all about the money, real fans would keep on denying this.

I am not really sure what I personally should be thinking about this re-issue, as I don´t know the album from 1990 – I just know that Gamma Ray´s music is clearly something that I feel enthusiastic about.
The all polished remastering of the album probably has taken some edginess off the songs, but maybe has also added some listening fun for some others.

„Free Time“ as well as and especially „Heading for tomorrow“ are fully catchy – the melodies remain in the memory, melodies carried by guitar riffs, paired up with vocals that possibly are typical for 1990 (and yes, they partially remind me on Judas Priest). A downside of “Heading for tomorrow” – with its 14:30min of running time it really gives you the feeling that the next day is already there and the song just keeps on going…

The start of „Lust for Life“ clearly generates some love for guitar sounds – and it also can make you forget about the fact that drums and guitar are more in the foreground than the vocals, even though those would be clearly deserving more attention. “Hold your Ground” is going into the same direction, but fortunately here the vocals are way more present even though it sounds quite compressed and thus has lost some of its power.

The B-side of the album, in shape of a second CD, is offering live versions, digitalized demos alternative versions as well as karaoke versions. I am not sure for what you need the latter one, I don´t know it and I´ll probably never understand this, but this is maybe something that would make Gamma Ray fans  go bonkers. The digitalized demos are nice to have in order to see how songs have changed from the first version to the final song on the album. And they´re pretty nice to listen to and probably show a bit more of the music how it´s been like back in the days.

Gamma Ray and their „Heading for tomorrow“ album have been and still are a classic of the scene – but if this album with a new mastering (including partially strong compression) and a B-side can really convince you,  probably depends on how much you actually know the initial album.

Tips: Sail on // Lust for Life // Hold your ground

  • 8.5/10
    Bewerbung / rating - 8.5/10

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