Audrey Horne | Dead Lord | Dead City Ruins

Location: Headcrash | City: Hamburg/Germany | Date: 02.09.2015

Hamburg’s Headcrash was looking a bit bleak when the doors opened. Playing on a Wednesday raises the question as to how many people will show up, but by the time the warm up was half way through their set, it was packed to the brim with the usual: rockers, beer, sweat and bliss.

Without meaning to stereotype, the Aussies, Dead City Ruins were just as Aussies usually are –jovial, energetic and loads of fun. They seemed to use every available square centimeter of the stage and stair tops. Vocalist, Jake Wiffen, even jumped on the bar table at the end. He also sounded a lot less like Ozzy Osbourne live than on record – which is not a bad thing at all. Furthermore, their guitarist (Tommy or Sean, I mix the names up) looks and sounds like an Australian Slash – which is always a plus. As far as their music goes, it fits somewhere in the thrash / sleaze / hard rock corner.

The next to hit the stage were Dead Lord from Sweden. The change of genre was a welcome change of pace. There where the Aussies rocked out with their cocks out, the Swedes set up a groovy atmosphere. For some reason they reminded me of a metal version of Dr. Feelgood – it’s difficult to describe, but you can take a look and see what I mean…

Last, but not least, Audrey Horne were up, just as the very fitting Muppet Show theme song ended. As it is a tour to promote their new album, one expected more new songs, but the mix of four new songs and ten old ones was brilliant. And the new stuff rocks. Of course the audience sang along to just about everything they knew, but entertainer Toschie managed to make the Hamburg (!) audience sing along one of the new ones called “Waiting For The Night”, from their new album “Pure Heavy”, for a good 5 minutes. A catchy hook and dynamic band are all it needs to make the usually stick-in-the-arse Hamburg crowd go apeshit. The coronation of the whole evening was the beloved “Threshold” as encore. You really can’t ask for more.

So the quintessence of the evening was loud, full and effing great!

Audrey Horne live @ Headcrash, Hamburg / Germany, 02.09.2015

Dead Lord live @ Headcrash, Hamburg / Germany, 02.09.2015

Dead City Ruins live @ Headcrash, Hamburg / Germany, 02.09.2015


    Audrey Horne | Dead Lord | Dead City Ruins
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    It was loud, full and effing great! You really can’t ask for more.

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