H.E.A.T / Fire Rose – Z7, Pratteln, CH, 8.8.2015

After a long (too long) concert-free time, I finally managed to check out Z7 again. The Swedish guys of H.E.A.T., who until now were only allowed to play the smaller Z7, finally entered the big stage for the first time, tonight. The show featuring new singer Erik Grönwall was also a first for me.


As a support act, they could win a local act. Fire Rose from the Basle area are dedicated to Hardrock. Singer Pascal Dahinden did a great job from the start and managed to add a personal touch to the band’s sound. Fans of H.E.A.T. obviously liked the sound, too, and partied with the Swiss guys. The band could, however, interact a bit more with the crowd but I think, after just 50 live shows, things don’t come as naturally as with the H.E.A.T. guys, for instance, or many other acts, who play three or four times as many shows in a year. Fire Rose’s sound is a mix of Hardrock and Heavy Metal and it’s a good mix. They surely are one of the best young bands from Switzerland, I’ve heard in a while.


Just a few minutes later, the guys of H.E.A.T. took the stage by storm. All I can say is, that there’s isn’t a second when nothing happens on that stage. These guys really need space to express themselves fully. From time to time, I really fear for singer Erik, who jumps up and down onstage like a squirrel on ecstasy. It comes close to a miracle, how he can sing so clearly and jump at the same time – maybe there’s some modern technology involved? No, I don’t want to imply they are doing karaoke. The five Swedes put on a real show tonight, sometimes it’s maybe a bit over-the-top but their music is simply brilliant. Although I was a huge fan of former singer Kenny Leckremo, I must admit that the former Swedish Idols winner Erik fits the band better and takes them to a higher level. They certainly are able to offer way more than they’ve shown until now, it’s a band with perspective. You can’t really wish for a more entertaining show of such a high quality.


photos: Sandy Mahrer

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