Dead by April / Beyond all Recognition

In this depressing weather situation it´s definitely time for music that sounds a bit tougher, and the Swedes Beyond all Recognition and Dead by April take on the job to show the middle finger to the weather gods. Many have come to the Galery despite the heavy rain, the venue seems even too small for the crowd that consists of fans who rather look like belonging to a Justin Bieber show: braces, giggling girls and teenage thugs everywhere, but most of them actually know to behave.

Beyond All Recognation
A bit later than planned the Swedes enter the stage. Beyond All Recognition, who call their music Dubcore, kick it off and many seem to have come only because of this act. Their setlist of nine songs has something for every taste, and the guys – who rather look like a boy band – offer a good show. It is fun to watch them although the stage does not leave much room for big action. Singer David even taps along with the rhythm, which is actually rare for front men. Luckily people restrain from forming mosh pits. The 5 Swedes know how to get the crowd going and to warm them up for.

Dead By April
The mixture of Metal, Pop, Clean and Growl Vocals seems to attract more and more fans, and more and more bands try this style, find a label and get hired for a European tour. In March the band had announced that they separate from singer Jimmie Strimell due to his drug problems, it is now the first time they tour with Christoffer Andersson, who was the By Night singer and also helped out Sonic Syndicate at live shows. Dead by April have always had ups and downs since they were founded in 2007. Let´s hope they have now a stable line-up, because musically there is a big career waiting for those guys from Gothenburg. They have everything you need for success: a great song writer and guitarist, a great drummer and bass player and even two singers who fill a whole room with their presence.

Stoffe´s growls and Zandro´s clean voice work nicely together. As the band does not drink or take drugs – read more in our interview – there should not be any issues with that any more. I personally share their point of view on this matter and this show proves once again that you can deliver great music without that stuff. The band offers a super show and also some impression of the new album, when they play three new songs that all sound great. I can only recommend Dead by April, I would always watch them again. The only thing I didn´t like too much was the fact they played all their songs in the set list in one block, so it appeared they did not play any encores. But in any case Dead by April are worth to be watched live on stage.

Sandy Mahrer

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