Halestorm / Star*rats

After nearly half a year, I went to Copenhagen again, since Halestorm were playing there once again. With a few differences: now they are Grammy winners, played a bigger venue and nevertheless managed to get really close to a sold-out.
In comparison to the concert in last October, the audience seemed to be much younger, even though that yet again many age groups were present. And this is exactly what makes a Halestorm concert special: many different kinds of people, and all have fun together, let the music drive them and enjoy the music.

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After longer queuing, it started with the Danish-Swedish support band STAR*RATS who warmed up the audience with their songs really well. The band around singer Magnus MP has already released three albums and has been, amongst others, on tour with Alice Cooper. Their songs made the crowd move, rocked and could make the people go enthusiastic, even though the sound was not always that great. Yet, thanks to their energy and joy of playing, one could easily ignore the bad sound, so that it was a really good start into the evening! Really interesting were also the announcements of the band´s singer, who, once in Swedish, once in Danish or also in English, communicated with the audience – this led to a grin on people´s faces, but clearly didn´t destroy the appeal of that the band, it just loosened up the mood a bit more.

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After a change-over break that seemed to take forever, HALESTORM finally entered the stage – the mood in the crowd had gone down, the audience needed a few minutes to get back into the right mood, but then it couldn´t have been any better. The fans were clapping and singing along loudly, the mood was enthusiastic and thrilled. The setlist was full of rocking songs, this time also the Dio cover “Straight Through the Heart“ was amongst the band´s own songs. And this cover didn´t only sound really amazing, but it was also very well perceived from the fans. Also, the band played their melancholic piece “Break in” in the middle of their set, just Lzzy and her keyboard, whilst the rest of the band enjoyed a little break and watched the crowd from the side of the stage.

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Lzzy´s voice has been full of power and expression, and basser Josh´s background vocals nicely accompanied Lzzy´s singing, unfortunately in some parts of the venue you weren´t able to hear much or anything at all from Lzzy. Same goes for sound-problems with Joe´s guitar, which you were not able to hear from one to the other second, and just with pure magic, the sound re-appeared again. I wasn´t able to find out if this was a general sound problem or just caused by the place that some fans were having, but it was unfortunate nevertheless.

Conclusion: Overall it´s been a really good concert, the performances themselves would´ve received full points, but the sound quality could to keep up with that – hopefully it´s going to be better the next time, since the bands really deserve a perfect sound and not anything less!

Setlist Halestorm:
1. Freak Like Me
2. Love Bites (So Do I)
3. You Call Me a Bitch Like It´s a Bad Thing
4. Dirty Work
5. Straight Through the Heart (Dio cover)
6. Innocence
7. Rock Show
8. Break In
9. Familiar Taste of Poison
10. Drum Solo
11. Daughters of Darkness
12. Mz. Hyde
13. Dissident Aggressor (Judas Priest cover)
14. It´s Not You
15. I Get Off
16. Here´s to Us
17. I Miss the Misery

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