Sytyke-Klubi: Swallow The Sun unplugged

19.7.2012   Alakerta / Elmubaari, Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

Alakerta Club, Nosturi´s little sister, has often raised attention with it´s cool live program series. Now in summer, together with Inferno Magazine, the so-called Sytyke-Klubi is about to entertain those who have to stay in Helsinki and cannot just spend the whole summer at Kesämöki (summer cottage) near one of those 100.000 Finnish lakes. Unplugged sessions of top-notch Finnish acts, one of the most beautiful terraces in town, a barbecue (and you can bring your own food) – and there´s even a small sandy beach with palm trees – a must-go, definitely.
Many people shared my opinion, and occasionally there was no free seat outside any more. I have to admit that I was extremely curious – would Swallow The Sun use a Bösendorfer or a Melodica (this instrument played like a flute, but it has keys) when playing unplugged? Well, it turned out they cheated a little bit, because Aleksi was playing a regular Keyboard, and also singer Mikko didn´t have to work the room without a microphone. The reduced line-up – guitarist Jämsä completed the trio on stage – performed a nice selection of songs suitable to be transformed into acoustic versions, e.g. “This Cut is The Deepest”, “Don´t Fall Asleep”, “Silent Towers” or the opener “The Ship”. Mikko´s voice could shine in this set, especially when they surprised – at least me – with the Type-O-Negative Coverversion “Everyone I Love Is Dead”. Gooseflesh despite the summer temperatures… The guys seemed to have a blast, too, because in between you got to hear some weird remarks or stories, for example that one of the songs was rehearsed quickly just once, in Mikko´s living room… One hour live-set in a truly familial atmosphere ended – in my opinion way too soon – with “New Moon”… please for next time also rehearse an encore…

The following Sytyke-Sessions should not be missed either (also STALKER attempts to be there) – as there is another reason: Nosturi Club will be moved/re-built, which means that this terrace might no longer be existing next year…

Klaudia Weber

Klaudia Weber

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