Cavalera Conspiracy / Clean State

30.6.2011  Rockhal Esch-Alzette LUX

The festival season is in full swing and while lots of people are already partying at various festivals, some bands also make stops in venues to entertain those, who had to miss them at festivals. That was the case with Cavalera Conspiracy, who made a stopover at Rockhal in Luxemburg to cause some „Blunt Force Trauma“. BFT is also the name of their latest album, which received lots of good critics – just one of the reasons why Stalker of course had to be present at that gig.

Before Max Cavalera entered stage, it was time for the Luxemburgish outfit Clean State to warm up the audience. It was great to see, that already quite a nice amount of people was present and that some even seemed in the mood to applaud and headbang.

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They kicked off with „Perception“ from the 2008 album „Dead Angel Factory“. As the gig went on to convince a bunch of people, apart from those, who probably already knew them and their Thrash/Groove Metal with some progressive touches turned out to be pretty entertaining.

Terrifying Thoughts
Leave The Tracks
Translucent Cell

After about 30 minutes later everyone was ready for Max Cavalera, who was about to prove once more, to everyone, that Cavalera Conspiracy is not some sideproject. They had just released their second album called „Blunt Force Trauma“ and judging from the circle pits going on, quite some people for sure had something like this after the gig – in a positive way of course. The gig started with „Warlord“ from the latest album, followed by „Inflikted“ from the selftitled album.
The new songs worked really well live and circlepits were being started without Max having to ask for those. At the latest when „Refuse Resist“ was played the crowd, especially the crazy bunch in the middle, went off the rails and screamed the chorus on top of their lungs.
The new „Killing Inside“, which was also the first single of the latest album, required some more singing from the audience, which gladly joined.

More band photos here!
It seemed as if at least two bandmembers had a part of their family with them on tour, earlier I had seen the drummer showing his little son around (and he also threw the sticks of his dad into the audience at the end of the gig) and Max Cavalera even had his son Richie as guest vocalist on stage. He showed a pretty nice performance and took over quite a big part of the vocals in one song. Seems as if the next Cavalera generation is ready to conquer the stages!
The set continued with a decent mix of older and new material until after almost 90 minutes the band went off stage, of course the audience couldn´t let them go without an encore and there was no need to beg long for it.
Two more songs, two more possibilities and those were given with „Attitude“ and „Roots Bloody Roots“ which of course must not be missed.
For some this gig might´ve been too short all in all, but I have to say, that it doesn´t have to be a huge package of 6 bands or so all the time. This way, you have a bunch of people there, who specifically come to see this one band and not a mix of people, that maybe want to see only one band and have to buy a ticket for a whole package. Definitely nice for a change!

Intro Warlord
Intro – Sanctuary
Refuse Resist
Ghengis Khan
Killing Inside
Blunt Force Trauma
Intro Doom Of All…
Troops Of Doom
Black Ark
Desperate Cry
Intro Wasting Away

Roots Bloody Roots

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