Turisas / Crimfall

Easter time – last snow just melting, that is the signal for Finns to open the picknick-, grilling and bathing season, and maybe all together at the same time somewhere at summer-Möki in Scandinavian countryside. That means the capital city is almost entirely ruled by tourists. All of the city? No, there is this club that obviously managed to gather the entire Finnish rest-population, and they fence off those invaders using fire and sword – literally…
Well, at first it was mainly the under-18 population filling the area in front of the stage, but during the support show also the “adult area” filled up to bursting point…

Crimfall was interesting for me also regarding the question if they could underline the good impression they left with their second album “The Writ Of Sword” with their live show. And I have to say right away – YES. There was dramatic intensity not only in the music, also in their performance, when changes between male and female vocal parts had something of a marital quarrel – you got really scared in the photo pit sometimes… A tight show, the band gave it all, obviously, and the audience went pretty nuts already. And another impression was confirmed – without Helena Haaparanta, who sounds live even more powerful than on CD, this band would be just another Pagan-Metal-Act. (KW)

Turisas had an impressive start for their gig: fire, fireworks and „Holmgard and Beyond“. Thus it is easy to get the huge crowd go crazy within the first few minutes. The opening is followed by „One More“ – which probably got everybody into the right warrior mood for this evening. Turisas continue with songs from their new album „Stand up and Fight“, yet lessening the Boom Boom at the fire front. Naturally there are plenty of sing-along hymms and the title track of their recent release even makes less dedicated fans shake their bones. Although the violin sounds a bit uneasy on the ears, regarding high notes and volume, the band pulls it off as usual, celebrating the motto “raise your swords (or beer bottles) and chaaarge!
Their Helsinki show also wrapped up a lenghty US and EU tour, now its time to relax with milk and honey, have their fur coats washed / dry cleaned, before the summer festival season calls for the band once again. (KG)


Klaudia Weber

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