Children of Bodom / Ensiferum / Machinae Supremacy

Incredible how time goes by, it´s been 5 weeks since my last visit at Z7. Well, Ok, I was in Finland and saw some gigs there, and also those bands I had rather watched in their home countries. Three times Power from the North, and although not quite my favorites, watching those bands is a nice occasion to get among people, because in Switzerland the locations featuring Metal sounds are rare.

Machinae Supremacy
Only recently I had heard of this band and somehow remembered something heavier. Machinae Supremacy play a pretty good sound, the singer is sometimes a bit too withdrawn and could put more variety into his clean vocals. But they don´t really fit to the other two bands, who put the tour package together? Combining Alternative Rock and Deathmetal? It´s nice that the Swedes get to tour with Children of Bodom, but is that really doing a favor to the support act? Because if the style differs from the headliner, it’s pretty clear which kind of sound narrow-minded Metalheads would appreciate. Yet tonight the audience just wanna party, and right from the start all hands are up.

Groundhog Day? It seems this band is everywhere, no matter where you go, Ensiferum is also playing there. Still the fans cannot get enough, and just a month ago many people visited the Power of Metal Festival only because of them. I for my part have had enough already of Lindroos and Co. Luckily their music is not bad, so you can enjoy it also when sitting at the bar.

Children of Bodom
It´s been a long time since their last visit in Switzerland, I saw them last time at Z7 New Year party 2006/2007. My high expectations are fulfilled – the sound is great and also the stage lights, what pleasure for photographers! Alexi & Co are as welcomed as their new songs, the fans go crazy and bang their heads until they are soaked in sweat. No wonder in the packed venue and the heat inside. You can smell human flesh and beer, only during the breaks you get some fresh air, when people walk outside for a smoke. After about 100 encores and 30 min overtime the band leaves the stage – once again Children of Bodom proved what they are worth and how to make fans happy. Therefore everybody is already looking forward to seeing them again!

Sandy Mahrer

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