LENE KOSTI – Fresh Act Februar 2011

Of course there is a metal scene in every country and every place has local heroes. Formed in 1978 in their home country Slowenia (back then still part of Yugoslavia´s strict regime), they became metal gods in 1985 after they had recruited MILAN KRUSIC as their new singer and frontman. No easy life for metal bands in the old days, and they disappeard again. Times have changed, they reformed in 2008 and made their way across the border where I saw a brillant LENE KOSTI (Lazy Bones) gig in Scheifling, Austria in 2009. Their first studio album Do Or Die is receiving very positive reactions since the release in March 2010 – a good reason for an interview with front man MILAN KRUSIC about past, present and future of the band….

Metal bands had no easy life in your country in the old days, but you could manage to make a demo tape. Was the recording very difficult?
Yes. The recording took place in stages. It was extremely expensive and we also had to wait several months to get a date at the studio. When the recordings were finished, the songs met with disapproval by the authorities because they were recorded in English. The authorities took us to be a band which corrupts the socialistic youth.


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