Live Wire @ Z7 Pratteln

15. & 16.12.2023 @ Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

As almost every year, two days of Live Wire at Z7 are the classic go-to event. Although the band can nowadays be seen at many village festivals and elsewhere several times a year, the tickets at Z7 are always sold out. For some companies, it’s part of the experience to come here after Christmas dinner and have a bit of fun. For others, it’s simply a tradition to let loose with the AC/DC tribute band before Christmas.

Hard to believe but true, a tribute band sells 1500 tickets twice without a problem. But it has to be said that this is a really good tribute band. Live Wire know how to thrill the audience without too much ado. This year they are playing the setlist from the AC/DC concert at the Power Trip Festival, Oct 08, 2023 so that people who didn’t have the chance to see this concert can still enjoy these songs.


Live Wire’s set is split into two parts, so there is time to stock up on drinks during the break. The audience celebrates Live Wire, and whether young or old, everyone seems to enjoy the concert. It’s just great how Däny, Cello, Adi, Ronny and Beat always get the crowd rocking. At this show, they deliver over 20 songs and naturally little special effects as well, like fire spouts and the good old LiveWire Hells Bells bell, which is lowered from the ceiling, truly a must. And although it’s somehow the same procedure as every year, it’s always fun and a good party.

A great end to the concert year for me, which I unfortunately have to end much earlier than planned due to a headache. Live Wire are always worth a visit and you can get them for a fraction of the price AC/DC charge these days. With this in mind, I wish you a great party and let there be rock in 2024!

Sandy Mahrer

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