Midgardsblot 2023 – images

August 16-19, 2023, Borre, Norway

REPORT HERE and below and interactive selection of images, or click on it and enjoy in full size via Flickr!

Day 1: Finntroll, Lili Refrain, Sylvaine, Nanna Borslev, Kampfar


Day 2: Vargvrede, Wulfaz, Sowulo, Iotunn, Nordjevel, Enslaved, Heimdall statue


Day 3: Gangar, Frigg’s Døttre, Eternity, Einherjer, Blackbraid, Týr


Day 4: Einherjer, painter Costin Chioreanu, Garmarna, Mari Boine, Mío, Naglfar, Tsjuder, Mortiis, My Dying Bride


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