Circus of Rock – Lost behind the Mask

Label: Frontiers Records    Release Date: 12.05.2023

«Lost behind the Mask» is the second album of Circus of Rock, a Finnish All-Star Project around mastermind and drummer Mirka Rantanen. Rantanen is known from countless bands, such as Thunderstone, Warmen, Raskasta Joulua or King Company, but the most famous of his projects must be the Heavy Band for children, Hevisaurus, who are now also known in the German speaking parts of Europe.

2021 they realeased the first album “Come one, Come All” with a number of guest singers and they did it again. This time you can enjoy great guests like e.g. Girish Pradhan, Jeff Scott Soto, Mr, Lordi, David Readman and Sevi. Basically I liked the guest singer selection, when it comes to the voices, rather more on the first record, but here you also find interesting voices with Jeff Soto, Mr. Lordi and Sevi.

Especially “The Beast” with Sevi convinces me completely. A great singer we haven’t heard enough of yet. Music-wise we are getting several solid Hard Rock Songs which contain great guitar and keyboard parts. The song “Nine Lives” with Mr. Lordi brings a nice change to the otherwise very clean voices, because a way-too-uniform sound can become a bit boring after a while. The ballad with singer Pinja “All I Need” is very nice, too.

The songs on “Lost behind the Mask” are very diverse and differ from each other, but are still easy to listen to. It is always interesting to hear different voices, it gives it all a lot of diversity. I am only missing the one hit song that stays in your mind for days. But otherwise I think it’s a great All-Star album that doesn’t require to be based on a story line, as it is for example the case with Avantasia. A solid second record, and hopefully there will be more.


  • 8/10
    Bewertung / rating - 8/10

Sandy Mahrer

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