Damage SFP – Punished by theSystem

Samsara Records,    Release Date: 07.03.2023

After almost four years, you get something new from the Finnish Thrash Metallers Damage SFP. You still remember what SFP means? That’s right – Suomi, Finland, Perkele. The guys have used the past years of the pandemic to write new material. Damage SFP were founded in 1989, but have been inactive during 1996-2018. 2019 they released their self-titeld debut album, which was very well received in the scene. Their new release even managed to top the bestselling new Thrash/Speed Metal releases album charts in the week 3.-10.3., rated by Levykauppa X. And that chart position is correct. Antti Remes, Tero Lipsonen and Jarkko Nikkilä managed to create a masterpiece. I am not quite a Thrash Metal Fan, as you might know, but even I like it. Those rough&dirty vocals of Jarkko Nikkilä, whose voice I know differently from his times in Valonkantajat and really adored it there, surprises and enthuses me at the same time. Sometimes it sounds a bit like T. Jarva to me, who used to sing in early Sentenced days, just as I described, a little bit rough&dirty and bad-ass, fitting perfectly to the music and the songs – especially on “Track, Load & Charge” or “The Greedy & Selfish”. With nine songs in total, the time flies by quickly and you have to play the whole record another time immediately. The album impresses with melodious parts, which makes it really easy going; especially “Exiled from Paradise” or “Face the Demons” are very catchy.

Fans of Melodic Thrash Metal should really listen to Damage SFP. As a very special surprise, there’s even a ballad, namely “Unfreeze me”, gooseflesh guaranteed, and Jarkko was just damn right, that I would love this song. I am thrilled about an Thrash Metal album, OMG, and you will be, too, for sure. Go and order your CD now.

  • 10/10
    Bewertung / rating - 10/10

Sandy Mahrer

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