Fuck 2020: Stung by Shelob, saved by four-legged therapist

Time to introduce a new feature here, named after a thought we all probably had: “Fuck 2020”.
Probably no need to explain where this comes from – even those who were lucky to escape from the pandemic as such, we all felt and still feel its impact. Curious how the art world is dealing with it, we sent out the same set of questions to bands, musicians etc – and we’ll publish the incoming replies in this brand new series.

And maybe it’s only fair that I make the start, sharing my personal experience.
“Fuck 2020” – I have not seen my mom, one of those very-much-in-danger-citizens, in 1,5 years. Talking on the phone is not quite the same…  Not to mention missing other extended-family members and friends in my home country – who also cannot come to visit me.

Covid-19 destroyed my hopes for a “real” and more permanent work contract by April … and still haven’t found an alternative to unemployment support yet.

You might have thought that this more-free-time-I-ever-wanted would have me exploring hundreds of new bands & music releases, do a lot of hiking and sports outside, learn 3 new languages or at least Python, C++ or something like that…


There were about 2 months that felt like “stung by Shelob” – I could not write, paint or listen to any music at all.

Listening to this felt like the “best music ever”:

And I am very grateful for my four-legged resident therapist, helping me out of this “do I even need to get out of bed?” entraption (and yes, a cat-butt shoved into your face, meowing in steadily increased volume or a 4+ kg creature performing cat-yoga on your chest usually does the trick).

Luckily my hobbies have always been “lonely” – reading, writing, drawing & painting (see some examples HERE ), watching movies and/or TV series, therefore I slowly adjusted and re-discovered music too – literally, starting with ancient highlights from my archive. And all this unwanted “social distance” didn’t feel so bad any more.

Thus, slowly adjusting to this “new normal”.

Well, admittedly in the time frame Nov 3, 2020 and late evening of Jan 20, 2021 I was again an anxiety-ridden, nailbiting, insomniac mess, glued to news channels… but I sleep much much better now and my nails grew back. However, there is this slight anxiety that I forgot human speech and start meowing instead ….

Let’s hope 2021 represents the light at the end of a long dark tunnel…  Cheers and all the best to you all, stay safe!

PS: A huge “Fuck 2020” for Metalheads, not just in Finland. Alexi Laiho’s widow, Kelli Wright-Laiho, shared this with the public via Instagram: “Although Shelby and I were unable to be there physically on the 28th of January, we were still able to share this heartbreakingly beautiful day with Alexi’s closest. I’d like to thank my family @annalaiho and @roopekaukinen for trusting me in all arrangements. My perfect love, your memory is sown in our hearts where it will stay forever, cherished and honored.”

Klaudia Weber

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