IA – InitIAtion

IAternal Records Release: June 26, 2020

What on earth is Shamanic Metal? Well, according to Helsinki-based band IA, it’s a “shamanic musical / visual concept designed to induce states of
trance and bring the listener beyond the limits of ordinary awareness, into realms of full-blown psychedelia and spiritual insight”. In case you think of Heilung or The HU, that’s not completely wrong. There are song parts featuring acoustic instruments and/or hypnotic, mysterious throat-vocal Mantras. Otherwise I rather spot a connection with Extreme Progressive Metal (Ne Obliviscaris, De Lirium’s Order) or with Kalevala-Metalls Amorphis. The music is top notch with complex rhythms, tough riffs but also catchy tunes – the speciality of Finnish metal acts – evil growls and triumphant clean tenor voice. A style mix of -core, Industrial, Melodic Death to Psychedelic – in short, Progressive. In between sprinkles of Folk, as if it was a Metal version of a Kalevala chant. The lyrics are partly Finnish, partly English – and yes, you do feel enchanted listening to it, and listen to it again… A bit unfair to pick one, as all songs on this album are great… however, “IA” is the one which surely does exactly what the band promises. And as I have problems to describe what I am hearing, simply listen to some of the songs yourselves (link below). My recommendation: buy the album!

IA are:
Kirill Shevchenko – Lead Vocals
Antti Nieminen – Guitar, Lead Vocals
Sean Haslam – Guitar
Yrjö – Bass, Backing Vocals

  • 9.5/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9.5/10
Klaudia Weber

Klaudia Weber

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