Miss Sassy Fierce: Be nice to yourself

The people who follow her Social Media accounts know that Burlesque performer and alternative Model Miss Sassy Fierce truly owns her name. She’s lovely, teasing and whimsical. But pay attention, this young lady has much more to offer than hot curves, shes a great performer and works on her Master thesis. Sassy reveals insights about what it’s like to be peoples’ wildest dream and why she loves to show her body to the world.

Hello and thank you very much for your time to answer our questions, so first of all, how are you doing? And how is business going now that there are no possibilities to perform live? 

I am fine, thank you for asking. I am currently in Hungary in a small city called Szeged and living my life in home quarantine like the rest of the world. I am lucky to live with two amazing flatmates, so at least I have people around me. For me, the business is not suffering that much, because I was already on a break for the spring time so nothing kind of changed for me about the spring time, but my gigs from summer/fall are postponed to year 2021 or unknown timing. So it might be the first year after 2015 being totally without performing and that is weird. Performers, creators and all people in the art world are really suffering from this situation financially and I know it will affect me too. At the moment I receive some income from my Patreon and OnlyFans, but other than that, burlesque and modeling are kind of impossible at the moment. I really hope that the rest of the year will be different, I really miss being on stage.

Who is Miss Sassy Fierce, how would you describe yourself?

Miss Sassy Fierce is a dark temptress who seduces her audience with her deadly curves and unstoppable charisma. Sassy is a character, but also a huge part of me. She is me. I have been carrying the name since 2015 when I hit the stage for first time with a Burlesque group named Machina Electrica. Since then I have performed solo, produced my own Burlesque club and of course built my empire as an alternative model. The modelling side of Sassy was born in 2016 when I won the Underground Model modelling competition in Finland. Since then I have been polishing my style and focused on the dark side of Burlesque and modelling.

You are a Burlesque performer but also an alternative model, which part do you prefer more?

I love doing both, I can not choose just one. They are so different, but if I really need to choose, maybe I could say performing, because I love the interaction with the audience, the energy and excitement of performing live. But in both, you can channel different emotions, build different characters and create art the way you want.

Burlesque seems to be a big thing in your home country Finland, can you tell us more about the scene there? And do you also perform in other countries?

Burlesque is a growing scene in Finland and Burlesque has been in Finland only since 2008. There are various performers, producers, teachers, creators in almost every city. We have a really colourful performing scene and throughout the country there are many events for Burlesque. I am really proud to be part of the Finnish Burlesque scene and I hope burlesque has its place in the future in Finland too.

At this point, I have only performed inside of Finland. I have applied for the Burlesque festivals in Europe, but Corona kind of messed up the whole situation. So, let’s see if I have a change at some point to bring my art to different stages. I would really love to perform outside of Finland, that is my “next dream” when it comes to Burlesque.

You do photoshoots in different kinds of styles such as fetish, lingerie, seminude, nudeart, etc. Ever dreamed of being shown in Playboy or other magazine?

Of course I have. I have been featured in different tattoo/alternative-magazines in Europe/America, but not in really huge and widely known ones. I would love to get featured in bigger magazines and to be recognized world-wide. I know it is not easy and takes a lot of work, but I hope I will get there some day. I would love to make my living with performing/modelling, but it is super hard, especially in Finland. There is not that many people who can do those things as a profession. Playboy is one of the most known magazines and it would be more than amazing to be featured there. When I was younger, I always dreamed about being a model, walking down the catwalks and being on the cover of a magazine, but I was too short, too big, too this and that. So it has been amazing to find out the field of alternative modelling. I am still short, I am curvy and I have tattoos/piercings etc. I don’t go to any of the ”official” modelling boxes, because I am too big to be ”the normal model” and too small to be officially called plus size model. Like for example, I have been asked many times why I don’t take part on Plus size model competitions, but the fact is, I am too small for the requirements of those competitions. So, that is why I rather just call myself alternative model, not plus size model or anything else.

Photo: Leena Flinck

Of course I’d also like to know where you draw the line: would you do shootings where your genitals can be seen or do porn?

There is nothing wrong with doing porn or full nude photo shoots IF that is something you want yourself and you are comfortable with that. I leave porn to those who enjoy making that kind of content. For myself, I don’t show my genitals, not even on my pay-per-view sites. That is just not for me. I have done full nude photo shoots, but without my legs being wide open. I love to create sexual content and play around with the teasing part, but as I said, I leave porn for the professionals or those who are good doing that.

For me, showing my nipples on my sites is not a big thing. Female nipples are way too sexualised and they are a super normal part of a human body. I don’t see showing the nipples as pornographic content, because they are the most normal part of the human body and male nipples can hang around freely in every platform. For some, the fact that I show my art pieces without censorship is too much, but I am not forcing anyone to become my patron or follow me on OnlyFans. It’s people’s own choice if they want to support my art and see the ”real” versions of the photos.

Is there a photoshoot idea in your mind you would really like to do but couldn’t so far, or a special photographer you would like to work with, but it didn’t happen until today?

I would love to do photo shoots in really high end set ups and costumes. Collaboration between costume designers would be awesome. Something epic, where the background and every single detail is thought out and well designed. There are many photographers I would love to work with, but one who comes to mind is Radiant Inc. Photography based in Las Vegas. I really love their style and they have worked with the best in business (modelling and Burlesque). It would be a dream come true to work with them some day.

You’ve got really nice outfits for your photoshoots, are they self-made or where do you like to shop for these cool pieces?

Some pieces are made or modified by me, but mostly they are bought or gifted from different companies/designers. I have had the pleasure to work with many designers and small business owners and showing their products in my photos and on stage. Most of my things (if not made by me) are from stores like Deadfine.fi and Totentanz, or specially made for me by Meeri Helin (headpieces), Anette Ahokas Design, Veera Vuorisalo or other talented people who I have had the pleasure to work with.

And when we are talking about clothes, I also have to mention your awesome Make-up styles. Do you do your Make-up for shootings always yourself? Ever thought about making YouTube videos of it?

First of all, thank you! I have learned the art of make up by myself and yes, I do my own looks for the stage and for the shoots. When I am a model for a fashion show, then someone else does my make up, but other than that, it is always me. I love creating different looks and learn new things from other performers and especially from drag queens. Stage make up is so different thing than normal everyday make up, so you really need to learn how to do a long-lasting base, do a really big and bold eye make up and make the make up last through out the whole day/performance.

I have not filmed any tutorials, but as the time flies, it has become more and more requested from me. Maybe, some day I’ll create those kind of videos. I have always felt weird of showing how to do my make up, because I am not a professional and not all my products are from big names. I know, that people love to see make up looks done with drug store make up, because not everyone can afford brand products. My problem with shooting the videos is my bad quality camera. I don’t own a separate camera, so I only shoot with my phone, which is not the best in business.

Photo: Jarno Lindholm

You posted a picture of you about 4-6 years ago when you were skinnier than you are now; back then you didn’t have your curves and you wrote that you are now feeling better, that you love yourself more. People immediately thought you would promote being curvy and meant that skinny or fit is ugly in your opinion, so they got you completely wrong. Could you explain why you do feel much better in your body now than back then?

It’s not just about the body and the weight. I was in really dark place back then, everything around me was messy, dark and toxic. I lived in a really toxic relationship, I lost my grandfather and was lost in every way. I lost all the weight for someone else than me, and I did not feel like myself at all. I lost myself completely and those times feel like chapters from someone else’s life. I don’t remember my own thoughts, except being unhappy, scared and not well. I had problems with my mental health and everything combined made me miserable. Before those times, I always thought I was fat and ugly and needed to loose weight. I was not. I was normal.

So, I tried to find my happiness through extreme weight loss. I lost weight, but I lost everything about myself in the process. After I broke up with my ex, moved to a new city, started my studies at university, I finally found myself again. I gained weight, because I did no weigh my food anymore, I did not go to the gym 6-7 times a week. First I was miserable with the weight gain and it took me a long time and dark moments to get to the point where I am now. I don’t worry about my weight, I don’t live in this body to make someone else happy and I need to do and live just for myself. I am happier with this body, because it feels like me. It carries me through every single day, it makes me happy and I love using my body as a tool to create art. Weight loss did not bring me happiness. Worrying and crying over my looks did not bring me happiness. Accepting myself, my body, my weight, my looks, brought me happiness. The kindness towards myself.

You show a lot of your life on your Instagram etc. which makes you kind of a target for people making bad comments about you, but also for (real) stalkers or people who don’t respect your privacy. Have you ever had a bad experience with fans, and if not, are you scared that something like this could happen, and how would you handle it?

I am lucky to have so little experience with hate comments or ”scary situations”. I know a lot of models who got a lot of hate comments and messages. It is the sad side of social media and internet. I am lucky to have such an amazing fan base and followers. I have always been ready to receive all kind of bad and nasty messages, but I don’t have those that much. I know it is a part of being visible and loud on the internet. I can not please everyone, so I think we all have some sort of haters, but I think I don’t get those kind of messages, mostly because I am kinda like a character for people, I don’t feel so close to everyone. And I respect my followers and people who message me. If I get some sort of a nasty comment, I will not crucify that person on my stories or elsewhere. I may have something to say back, but I do it respectfully, just giving my point of view. You know how to argue and give your argument wisely. I hate all kind of drama, on internet or in real life, so I try to keep as far away as I can.

Although I am from a small town, I have not experienced really scary situations. I think it’s because Finnish people are so shy even though they recognize someone. Sometimes people come to talk to me, but mostly just in a friendly way and I love talking with people. I always try my best to be friendly, polite and to respect others. I will never get arrogant because that is a quality I hate among people. Even if you are the most talented, most known, most successful person in the room, you are still human and you need to be friendly and respectful towards others.

If I got it right from your Instagram, you are studying at the moment abroad, what are you studying and where?

Yes, I am in Hungary at the moment as an exchange student. I study at the University of Turku in Finland. My major is European ethnology and that is what I am studying here too. I am doing my Masters, so I am a Bachelor of Arts already. I am currently on my 6th year so I did not finish my studies in time, but my goal is to graduate in summer 2021. I am currently writing my thesis here and the topic is how the whole corona situation is affecting Erasmus-students and the exchange here in Hungary, Szeged. I am here only for this spring, so I will travel back to Finland in June if it is possible.

You told me you also like Heavy Metal, no wonder growing up in a country like Finland. What are your favorite bands and did you ever use a Metal song for a performance – if yes, which one and why?

Yes, I am a metalhead. I am not fan just of one genre, I love listening to different kinds of music. My favorite bands are Slipknot, Rammstein, Bury Tomorrow and In Flames. But I listen to many various bands and artists and love seeing new bands live at festivals. My Burlesque style is on the darker side of Burlesque so I usually use rock/metal songs in my acts. In the latest act I have parts of Shade Empire’s Ruins.

Besides performing, doing photoshoots and being very active on Instagram, what does Miss Sassy Fierce like to do in her free time? Any unusual hobbies?

When I am in Finland, one of my hobbies is to be a lightning technician in a theater called Contakti-teatteri in Pori. My good friend taught me how to build, design and program lights, so if I am not performing, doing photoshoots or studying, you’ll find me at the theater. I don’t know if I can say it is a hobby, but something like that. I am also part of a Finnish alternative culture organization, Rocking Alternative Dare. I am one of the founders and now I am just the ”background devil”, because I am here in Hungary.

But other than those things, I love spending my time with my friends sitting a pub or walking/running in nature. Normally my days contain a lot of studying, creating new acts, shooting pictures/videos or creating new looks.

Photo: Alexändra Sleäze

You’ve got a Patreon and OnlyFans page where people can follow you by paying. What are you offering your followers there? www.patreon.com/miss_sassyfierce / www.onlyfans.com/sassyfierce

”I am an internationally published alternative model and Burlesque performer from Finland. I will share material from different themed photo shoots (alt/fetish/lingerie/seminude/nudeart), behind the scenes material, sexy teasing videos & other uncensored material. No genitals, masturbation or other pornographic acts, only the beauty of a luscious body and the art of modelling/Burlesque.” My bio text from my OnlyFans sums it up. I share my art as it is and create material just for those pages. People often think that if you are on Patreon or in OnlyFans, you create porn. Those platforms are for all kinds of art and content and people don’t realize that you can find painters, singers, bands, artists, every kind of creator from there. I am not creating porn, but of course I am doing some sort of sex work, because my content is sexual, includes fetishes and kinky stuff, striptease, so I would be naive if I claim that I don’t do sex work. It’s different than doing porn or selling sex, but it is still similar.

What is your biggest dream, what do you want to reach as Miss Sassy Fierce and what does the private you want to reach?

As Sassy, I would love to work as a performer and a model abroad. I would love to be able to create bigger shows and work with the best in business. In private life, my dream is to work in museums after graduation. I have already gained a lot of experience from working in museums and that world is just the thing for me. I am fascinated about culture, peoples’ history and everyday life and the objects in use. That is why museums are so close to my heart. I would like to work as an educational curator, kind of like the ”teacher in museum”.

Thank you very much. I wish you all the best for the future and that your dreams will come true.

Thank you for interviewing me and thank you for the really exciting and good questions. I hope all the best for you and let’s hope that everything will get better soon. Love, Sassy

start photo: Jarno Lindholm

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