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Morosinthe: Straight from Nosferatu’s castle

Children of the night – this one is for you! Raw and dusty, Gothic honey to your black romantic hearts, Morosinthe. His sound is very well suited for Goth dance floors of fog-filled clubs with mirror walls or for a party during WGT in Leipzig. It’s underground, dark and brings back that sweet nostalgia for the old-school Goth Rock before we were born.

So, introduce yourself, what or who is Morosinthe?
Okay, Morosinthe is a Goth Rock-act formed by the leader, Lord Vothmor. He is the sole singer, songwriter, guitarist, bassist, and drummer of the band. Morosinthe is based out of various parts of Europe. And your local coffin supply store.

Who is the person behind the music?
He is just an ordinary guy during the day, and vampire at night. His vision is to strengthen the Gothic scene, and underground. For all of whom, awake from their coffins to listen to him.

Where does this act come from? It feels like there’s a concept or a story to tell…
It comes from the Castle in which Nosferatu himself slept. Yet there is a trek to expand, yes. Maybe like a long novel that ends with eternity. It is the stories of the dark and alone. A poem that explains the separation of the un-natural from the born. Only those who seek it, will find their own truth from the music.

How big of a part does Morosinthe play in your day-to-day life?
It is life. Life from memories, to life now… literally everything I hate, and everything I love, to everything I simply adore, to everything I cherish. And in this journey to eternity, there I find Morosinthe. It’s the beauty in my darkness, the revenge I could only pray for. Morosinthe is the permanent gate that separates me and my realm, from the society around.

What is your history, how did you arrive at this project?
I have always been in tune with my darker side, and as any youth coming of age, I found a comfortable suit that will last a lifetime. And that suit revealed to me it has always been here with me. In this revelation I also found myself to be very versatile. Then and now I grew fond of being Goth. Growing in the Goth scene I decided I wanted to start a band but did not have enough members nor money. My original band was “Das Schwarz Kabinette” which was founded back in 2017. That same year I realized that starting a band where I was located was pointless. So, in this thought, I took to doing my own act. Thus, Morosinthe came to exist. Of course, I did not let neither the hope nor my dream die. I still would love someday to re-start “Das Schwarz Kabinette,” but with the right people and right setting. Obviously, people who care about the project, and me. Or basically, fellow Goths with mutual understanding of one another.

Not to label you in any way, but to those who haven’t heard you yet, how would you describe your musical style?
Um, I would easily say Goth Rock. Unfortunately today many have horrible misconceptions of Goth. And thanks to hipsters and shallow mainstream, I feel now we must defend our identity even more. But of course, anyone curious as to what is Morosinthe? Simply, Gothic Rock. And at that very versatile Gothic Rock. I also hate labels in all honesty, but I am not going to deny who I am as an artist; in which I love my subculture. And love those of whom I grew fond of in our ever-growing movement. Real, traditional, goth rock. Simple. And none of that cliché “oh he wears black and white makeup but makes emo music,” nonsense.

What are in your current works and near future plans?
Well… good question actually. Morosinthe does plan on performing in various countries. Mainly though in Germany, UK, and Japan. For now, this is where most of my listeners come from. While we simmer the pot, more releases are due this coming year and lots of them! so… stay tuned.

In the long run, what do you want Morosinthe to become and be known for?
Honestly, the traditional Goth band that not only defined “goth,” but brought back REAL-goth to the forefront. And the historical band that brought back the “meaning” to World Gotik Treffen.

Are you actually looking for a label? And if so, what kind of record deal would you ideally like to strike?
At the moment, no… as a lot of Goth Rock is underground. I mean, IF a record label decided to make an offer, it would have to be a very BIG offer. I don’t know. We will see.

In the music scene today, whom would you like to play or work with?
Definitely The Cure, at least before Robert gets to old. Siouxsie Sioux. Umm… no one really mainstream of course. Bands like: Love Like Blood, Vendemmian, Morbid Poetry, Lacrimosa, Xmal Deutschland, Goethes Erben, The Mission, The Nosferatu, The Wake U.K., Witching Hour, etc. but starting out; I would definitely want to paly along side my good friend of le hérité de la sorcière and… Costa Rica band Last Dusk. Also Mourning Laughter. Like all of us just jamming really hard at WGT.

Who and what are your artistic influences?
I don’t have many influences, things just sort of come to me. Even as a child I discovered things can be Gothic or mysterious. When I discovered vampires, monsters, werewolves I fell forever in love with them. Later I discovered silent films and the way they make me feel. I don’t know… I have always been an expressionist. When I was a child these things sort of shaped my love for unusual things and separated me from the rest. I can almost hear the music that really plays behind the screen, and the aura usually reveals a more beautiful dance sound, thus I discovered Gothic music. That term was widely known by the more UK sound of post-punk. It is really like a combination of my love for things that drive me. But never really influence. I don’t really look up to anyone besides the spiritual world.

What kind of music background do you come from?
A very diverse musical background. I grew up in a household that accepted many variations of music. So, I listened to pop, metal, rap, hip-hop, jazz, world, club, you name it. I grew an interest more towards darker music as a child, like film scores for various famous horror movies from the 1920s and 1930s. Or even film scores from Sci-Fi thriller type films. It all just depended on what interested me at the time. Of course, later on, I grew more into my teenage years of listening to metal and dark rock. Most of my peers were listening to punk or metalcore/ hardcore.

Who writes your lyrics and what are they about?
I (Lord Vothmor) write, produce, and even master everything. Not an inch of it is without flaw from my hand. I am truly a one-man band. If anything, I just use instruments found in various recording modules to create my sound. I do traditional sound too, so a lot of work with guitars and bass then getting your drum machine to act correctly. As far as the lyrics, there’re various topics. This could be anything from exposing pedophiles in church wards, to stopping the rape and hatred of women. To I don’t know… vampiric, ritualistic, sacrificial, poetry. Getting back at society of course. Sacrificing those same evildoers to the dark lord himself for his supper. Revenge, unforgiving, punishing, nature and atmosphere of most songs. I write love songs too, for instance “Silent Film.” is a love song. Um, and then more romantic ballads you can find with the new EP self-titled Morosinthe.

Does Morosinthe have a mission? If so, what is it, what is your message to the audience?
The mission is to give back to real artists what they truly deserve. I know for sure many true music listeners are already eyes deep in trying to support good music. They are also neck deep in frustration from all the repetitive garbage in the mainstream. I want genuine musicians to claim their thrones back once again. It would only make sense. But for my scene, I prefer that real and true Goth Rock bands come out of the woodwork and onto the stage. Especially in the darker pockets of the UK, and Germany.

And if right now you had a chance to make a video, what would it be like? And to what song?
I have made a music video with a prominent graphic artist recently. She goes by j3kra. Really great work she does. Um, but it was for the song “Dracul,” in which is a popular song among my fans. I would make a music video for one my German-written songs “Dreizehn.” Which translates to Thirteen. For the most part, it would be a newer song. And the theme would not really change, but maybe better apparel and setting. I am itching to record a music video in Germany as a friend of mine has offered his help. Other than that, a videographer can just reach me, and we can discuss about a possible production. A lot of my videography is themed around silent era style.

Your BandCamp page have a few songs… Where can we find more of your music?
So currently most of Morosinthe’s music can be found on YouTube Channel: The Vador, or bandcamp @ There is actually plenty of more material to be released, in the near future. For now any releases are usually put on these two platforms. I will be producing more hard-copy versions though, because like myself, there are a lot of goth rock/ post-punk collectors out there. These releases will be placed on Compact Disc, vinyl, and cassette. Fans can purchase songs through bandcamp and even full albums thanks to their service.

What is Morosinthe’s main strength that makes you unique?
The dark forces of myself and ancient spirits of time. This and this alone.

Any song(s) that are more special and personal to you?
Just about every song is personal to me. I do not have a real fear in producing songs about things that have occurred in my lifetime until now, or even just a very aggravating day… I will always of course, make songs about the occult or dark topics, but none of these songs I make are truly personal. If I had gone through something, I will simply spill it out in my lyrics.

What do you like to do outside of the band that contributes to your musicality?
I will strum around and play some metal songs here and there… Um, dress up occasionally and go out in public to scare nervous civilians. Or just make art, paint, do things that contribute to one’s creativity.

What are your thoughts on the internet’s role in the music industry today?
I am quite impressed with the Internets growth. As far as music, it has come a really, really, long way from when I was a child. It is really helping good art and artists come about. I think the music industry more so should filter and utilize it more to find new and really good upcoming and yet unknown bands. And there is a lot of talent out there… like a LOT.

Are you active on social media, where fan(g)s can keep up with your news and plans? I couldn’t find your website…
Absolutely! Always! I am on Instagram under ‘morosinthe13th’ and Thirteenth Recordings. Thirteenth Records is my self-made label. I do have a website but it is still under-construction.

As someone who enjoys your music and want to hear more, what can we do to help and support Morosinthe?
Just keep following Morosinthe and contribute to purchasing merch or even music on bandcamp. Spread the word in the rock scene, I suppose. But I’m goth so probably not a super chance in Hell I could win over general music listeners.

What else would you like to share with us?
I really appreciate this interview invitation from Stalker-Magazine and look forward to some more future collaborations! Be sure to spread the word to all the goths you may run into, or even on your social media. We are looking to travel at some point to perform so be on the lookout for live videos. Fans! If you are looking for Morosinthe, go to to download and buy music and EP’s. “Romance Me” is the next release and the first ‘official’ album of Morosinthe discography. It will be only for hard-copy purchase. All Morosinthe merch/ CDs/ and hard copies are uniquely priced at 13 Euro. Don’t be shy and message us on Facebook, or Instagram. Morosinthe and Lord Vothmor would love to hear from you.

Thank you for your time, and good luck! I already look forward to your tour 🙂
Thank You and welcome to the bat cave!

Instagram: morosinthe13th

Text: Marina Minkler
Photos: Morosinthe

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