Doro & King Creature @ Fabrik, Coesfeld

22nd November 2019, Fabrik, Coesfeld, Germany 

Coesfeld isn’t a place well-known to Metalheads. But in the past two years, the Fabrik, a quite old venue, has become more and more a concert location. And there are good reasons for it. The sound is good, the stage has a suitable height and due to the architecture, there is a perfect view to the stage from anywhere in the location.

At today’s Friday evening the grand dame of German Heavy Metal is coming to the boondocks, actually for the first time in her long career. But the evening begins with King Creature, a band, which comes from the boondocks too. In this case it is not the Münsterland but Cornwall. The four guys play a mixture of Hardrock and groovy Heavy Metal. Although the songs should be unknown to the majority of the audience, they warm up quite quickly to them. It is actually a matter of the good stage acting of the band which inspires the crowd, even the singalongs are working at this early stage. During the 45 minutes show, the band receives more and more applause which is well deserved. All in all a solid show, although the songs do not have enough ear candy quality or originality.

These two points are of course changing when Doro enters the stage. The opening ‘Earthshaker Rock’ and ‘I Rule the Ruins’ are well-known to the audience and therefore nearly everybody is singing along. Miss Pesch shows right from the start that loving her fans is not only a flowery phrase to her. She is often giving high five to the fans in the front rows or allows fans to sing in her microphone and lets the audience determine parts of the setlist (‘Unholy Love’, ‘Metal Racer’ and the encore ‘Love Me in Black’).

Because of these facts and also due to the performance of the band, it actually does not matter which song is played tonight. The audience celebrates the classics as much as new tracks. Even the drum solo, mostly a reason the get some beer from the bar, receives enthusiastic reactions. The set list is as balanced as it can be with 18 albums in the back catalogue.

After 90 minutes the regular show ends and it is time for the encores. Due to a time limit, Doro does not even leave the stage. Instead, she instantly asks the audience for the next song request. And because the abovementioned tight schedule, there are only two encores played today, less than normally on this tour. The reason of this tight scheduling is profane: After the concert the Fabrik becomes a discotheque, a disco that has nothing in common with Heavy Metal. That’s how it goes on a Friday evening in the boondocks.

Setlist Doro:
Earthshaker Rock
I Rule the Ruins
Raise Your Fist
Burning the Witches
Fight for Rock
Rare Diamond
Night of the Warlock
Blood, Sweat and Rock ‚n‘ Roll
Soldier of Metal
Für immer
Unholy Love (audience request)
Metal Racer (audience request)
Drum Solo
(We are) The Metalheads
All for Metal
All We Are

Love Me in Black (audience request)
Freunde fürs Leben

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