Cleaning Women @ Tavastia

3.1.2019, Tavastia, Helsinki, Finland

The Aliens CW01, CW03 and CW04 from Planet Clinus (which seems to have a direct worm hole connection to Helsinki) are back! Ending a long hiatus, they are ready to clean out the electro-charts on Earth with their new release “Intersubjectivity”. Notably, the album was mixed by  Alexander Hacke of Einstürzende Neubauten. The audience size of this CD presentation show illustrates that CW has not lost any appeal in 20-years band history (well, at least on Earth).

I myself have been following those guys for quite a while, I interviewed them and attended one of their legendary shows – 20.8.2004 at Tavastia – where they provided the Live-Soundtrack to the silent movie classic “Aelita”. Here the best (previously unpublished) snap shots from back then …

Please note those self-made instruments – laundry rack, tin boxes, plastic buckets, car rims etc  – that have received remarkable upgrades, just check my concert photos.

Cleaning Women are therefore not only providing a symbiosis of Avantgarde and catchy tunes but also promote recycling. Therefore any CW medium outside live videos leaves a part of the fun, which is watching those weird constructions in full action. Yet you can have at look at them as many of them are pictured in the CD sleeve.

The introduction to this evening was dedicated to a similar topic, outsider art videos, presented by Steve Vanoni. He should later join the band as guest saxophonist on stage.


Admittedly, the Cleaning Women sound isn’t quite widely popular music – that spot was taken by Star Wars Cantina band, a bit unfair as the latter is only known for 1,5 songs whereas CW present their fourth longplayer here.

Many in the audience seemed familiar with the entire oevre, maybe even fans who attended the first CW show “inside a huge washing machine named Hypercleaner”. Naturally the set list focused on the new material including the world live premiere of “Party Teufel”, but there were plenty of old hits too. No need to invite people to dance – they did even in the very back. And naturally those aliens could not return to their space ship without granting us some encores,  Aelita, Clean Up Your Body and Ricewestern.

A great show – which is always the case with Cleaning Women. They’ll still play shows in Finland, check the tourdates on the bandwebsite:

PS: That’s what I call useful merchandise – biologically degradable dish rag …

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