Chris L Svensson – North Meadow Drive

Label: Vegna Music Release: 04/2019

Three years ago «Story of my Life” was released, the debut Solo record of Chris L Svensson, known as singer of Swedish Hard Rockers Dirty Passion. With “Northern Meadow Drive” he follows this success with another great Country Record. A Cowboy in Sweden, no one would really expect that, but Svensson does very well to deliver the US lifestyle feeling in his songs. The songs on “North Meadow Drive” are very emotional and there are more ballads than on the previous record. The song “I Do”, a duet with Kaci Bolls from Nashville, is one of those and just wonderful, because the voices fit perfectly together. With “Falling for you” there is also a fast track on the album that surely will get most of you dancing. And “Mexican Vacation” gives the feeling to be right there if you close your eyes. A party song. Those are surely my favorites on the album that contains 15 powerful tracks and I can really recommend in giving it a try, it will be worth it. Wonderful, emotional ballads and groovy, fast songs with great lyrics are waiting for you.

  • 9/10
    Bewertung / rating - 9/10

Sandy Mahrer

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