Thrash attack!

Lost Society, The Hirvi, Re-Armed, Pahan Ikoni, Tiran, Malicious Death
2019-03-08, Nosturi, Helsinki, Finland

Basically one should assume that a demonstration in the afternoon would no longer affect public traffic hours later – well, I was wrong and almost missed the first band despite leaving home early for a calculated punctual arrival… and maybe other people experienced the same, or it was simply too early for Finnish fans…

Malicious Death simply would not have deserved such small audience. Brutal Speed-Thrash with some Punk attitude, the singer’s voice reminding me a bit of Cirith Ungol – I got to see only half of their short set, but those guys gave it all – you simply have to check out their  Bandwebsite

Tiran from Russia had raised my curiosity – and wow, they exceeded my expectations. A heavy mix of Thrash/Melo-Death plus some Prog influences, plus an energetic show, fantastic! Slowly the club began to fill up, and I can only tell those who arrived later or much later, you really missed something here!  The final song was about “From Russia with Love”, and the guys and the girl thanked the Finnish fans with “Kiitos”. As I heard later at the merch table, I was not the only one being very impressed by this band – which means we get to see them here again soon?  Bandwebsite

The third act Pahan Ikoni gathered a much bigger crowd already, and witnessing their performance you know why: They offer an appealing mix of Thrash and Melodic Death, presenting their new single Henki Hengestä – a good song in Bay Area tradition….  Bandwebsite I should mention here that this evening was open for all ages, and it seems that Thrash Metal  appeals to a lot of 12-year-olds? Or is this the handing down of a family tradition – the old patched-up Jeans jacket plus a concert ticket? Anyway, it was great to see so many really young Metalheads at Nosturi.

The next act Re-Armed can only be described as an uninhibited force of nature. And quite fitting to this Thrash tsunami including some Metallica-quotations we got some customized water balls to play with …  Bandwebsite 
And while this band had nicely welcomed the numerous ladies in the audience (it was International Women’s Day after all),  The Hirvi called for a day of hate (Vihapäivä). Still nothing to worry about, it’s their wicked sense of humor which is also expressed musically – an Ennio-Morricone-style Intro flips over into Slayer-brutality, then it’s getting experimental a la VoiVod – there’s always a surprise, also concerning their live show antics. This time they kept it simple with those glasses – and diving into the enthusiastic crowd in the end…  Bandwebsite

What I found quite impressive that night was the fact they kept the schedule as planned, and the headliner only had a few minutes delay. Well, some of that was caused by the hommage to the deceased Prodigy front man Keith Flint, playing that Bitch song in full as another intro (it was women’s day after all…)  Lost Society have been described by me as a “flea circus exploding on stage” before, and it was no different this time. Got some photos only by sheer luck… (GALLERY HERE) And at this point it should be clear why there were so many young people in the audience. Children of Bodom have become quite adult by now, therefore those young virtuoso musicians are the role models young Metal heads are looking up to now. Samy, Arttu, Mirko and Ossi were obviously excited to be back in Helsinki after touring abroad. And the audience was even more excited –  Mosh pits, Slam Dance and a Wall of Death to kick of the concert – there was some mayhem going on throughout the show. In other words, this band is always a lot of fun!    Bandwebsite

Summing up, this Thrash Attack was a blast, and let’s hope there will be another one coming up!

Klaudia Weber

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