Iron Sky 2 – the interviews

We took the chance at the Iron Sky – The Coming Race world premiere for recording video interviews, with director Timo Vuorensola (start photo) and those actors who already appeared in the first movie, Julia Dietze and Udo Kier.

As a service for those who do not speak German that well, you can find a summary of what is said in the video underneath our (interactive) YouTube interview clips (except the first because of the subtitle).

Have fun!

Udo: “It would take to long talking about the White House, I live in the USA and always get surprised about the news on TV”.

Timo mentions Iron Sky stuff that became real – more about it here:

Julia: “It’s indeed scary what happens all around us. For example Erdogan who finished off democracy within 6 hours and set up a dictatorship, and nobody seems to care or do some better research, also German media failed to do so. I am relieved LePen did not win, then there’s Trump, and no more about it as I want to keep my Green Card. I’d want more democracy in Europe and all the world.” Let’s hope Iron Sky remains fiction … “For my role I did a lot of research about conspiracy theories, and some made me think. For example the facts about those 12 DNA strands in our body and only 2 are active. Indigenous people and tribes in South America and Africa are said to have all 12 activated. And do we really just use 10 % of our brains, how do they measure that? Then those similar finds of Archeology on all continents that suggest that the “gods” might have been aliens – and maybe they manipulated out DNA … but let’s leave it there.”

Udo about Moon-vacation: “I would rather be beamed to the Moon than traveling there in a rocket. And no vacation in the dark for me, I prefer the Sun.”

Julia: “I am grateful that the director gave me the chance to play an old woman, instead of simply casting one. For two months I visited retirement homes or watched old women in the street to study their body language. And I noticed that they noticed me looking at them – because in our society old women are invisible, they are very lonely – which deeply affected me emotionally. The other challenge was the prostetic masks, I got up every morning at 3, got my ride at 3:30, arrived at the studio at 4 and then it took until 8 am to glue my old lady face on. The make up people had worked for Game of Thrones, too, they used a gel that creates wrinkles. And of course I could not eat normally and had to use a straw to drink. In the evening it took 1h to take it all off and my skin really suffered, was totally red and I needed Aloe Vera for treatment. But it was a gift to play such a character – for once it was not about the looks. As an actress you are often reduced to your looks, and this was something different, a gift indeed.”
Udo: “I have been travelling a lot because of several movies that are being released now. I left LA and return soon after the premiere, after only 4 days in Europe. I haven’t seen the film yet so it’s a premiere for me too. But I had participated in the making of this movie and I think that the director has this amazing positive energy. I repeat the role from the first movie and here he also has a brother, Adolf Hitler. I play Nazis in comedies only and played Adolf Hitler several times. I always think of Charlie Chaplin and his scene when he kicks the world balloon. I have never played and will never play a Nazi seriously. It was me who suggested to play both roles to the director, but I also insisted on having a German Sheperd dog called Blondie – stuffed, on wheels – in my scenes. And a huge creature named Blondie, that’s beautiful.”

photos and videos: K. Weber

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