Wintersun (by Request), Darkest Horizon, Precipitation

5.11.18 Aschaffenburg, Colos-Saal
It´s always difficult to head into a new week and therefore many people were happy that Wintersun appeared with a very special show in the Colos Saal on a Monday evening. This time the fans have arranged the set list for Jari and Wintersun and so everyone was pretty excited to find out what will happen.

The location was very crowded when Precipitation started their set. The local band with the charismatic frontman Alex is well known in the underground scene and their very tight and technical style of Post/Prog Melodeath earned a lot of applause and positive reactions. Their show was totally expressive from the first moment until the end of the set and a real pleasure for the fans. Precipitation played the really catchy “Cosmic” as their final song, which is also captured on video !! Precipitation is really worth to check out – thumbs up for these very talented musicians !!

After a short break Darkest Horizon entered the stage and from the first chord the fans were absolutely enthusiastic. The guys have already opened several shows for Wintersun in the past and they always left a good impression. And also today the band was in good shape and acted very professionally. One great song followed the other and the fans gave a big hand to the likeable band from Frankfurt.
Shouter Enis acted perfectly with his rough and powerful voice and became a real eyecatcher in the Darkest Horizon show. The rest of the band was in no way inferior to the frontman and made their whole set almost perfect. Every song was played on a very high level, a brilliant show without doubt. The crowd was very thankful for their performance and everybody was curious if Wintersun could top this…….
Setlist Darkest Horizon:
Intro / Omnipotence Paradox /Enigmachina /A Universe Reborn /Skybreaker/A Sacrifice Divine/The Lunar effect/Pandora/Ad Astra

Before Wintersun entered the stage, the fans got themselves a beer and afterwards a legendary gig took place. With „Winter Madness“ they opened their set. From the first moment, Jari had everything under control and the rest of the band proved themselves as brilliant musicians, performing the material from the first two albums.

My personal favorite” Sleeping Stars” was played as the second song and an extra special commendation goes out to the mixer, who has made a great job throughout the whole evening.
Wintersun´s main Drummer Kai Hahto was replaced here by Heikki Saari, who did more than a good job. It was recognizable that Jari and the rest of Wintersun had lots of fun on stage and especially Jari encouraged the audience to support him with cheers. The audience sang alongwith the chorus parts of every song, enthusiastically and loudly, and together with the band they created an unforgettable evening. After about one and a half hours and their last song “Time”, Wintersun left the stage under a hurricane of applause.
A wonderful evening with 3 awesome bands lightened up the start in the new week and hopefully we can see these great bands on stage again soon.

Setlist Wintersun:
Winter Madness/Sleeping Stars/Land of Snow and Sorrow/Sons of Winter and Stars/Sadness and Hate/Death and the Healing/Starchild/Beyond the Dark Sun/Battle Against Time/ Bonus: Time

Text: Hanzi Herrmann
Fotos: Katja Gessner

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