Thundermother, Hardbone @ Z7 Pratteln

4.12.2018 @ Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland

Tuesday evening, terrible weather and nothing on TV, hence it’s better to check out the Z7 club. Tonight only half of the venue is open for about 300 fans, therefore the band does feel like playing to an empty hall, and it’s easier to clean up afterwards.

First on are Hardbone from Hamburg. Their powerful Hardrock and the rusty voice of Tim Dammann appeals to the crowd. The vocalist gives it all despite suffering from a cold, but maybe this adds to this nice rough voice. There’s a lot of action on stage which also inspires the audience. A challenge for the headliner perhaps, as guitarist Sebastian Kranke plays the last song mostly amidst the audience which naturally they like a lot.

Swedish flags in the front row, a quick changeover and Thundermother hit the first notes. After changing the line up in spring 2017 only guitarist Filippa Nässil is left as founding member. And she makes clear that she is the boss and the center of the show. She takes the stage, outshining her colleagues and delivers her performance, occasionally a bit too much of performance for me. But it fits to this 70s sound with the great voice of Guernica Mancini.

Here the interactive gallery or click on an image and enjoy via Flickr:


On bass there’s actually a guy for this tour: Mats Rydstrom from Abramis Abrama and Avatarium is filling in for Basser Sara Pettersson. He’s doing a great job and obviously enjoys it, you can see him and drummer Emlee Johansson smile a lot. Singer Guernica seems a bit lost sometimes but delivers a great show handling the cow bell during «Racing on Mainstreet».

Again a bath in the crowd by a guitar player – Filippa descends from the high Z7 stage and climbs across the fence into the crowd while still playing, then roams the venue and enjoys the close fan contact. Which is naturally appealing to the audience. It seems she does not mind getting close to fans, but there’s also the security ready to intervene when needed. Thundermother are a great act that knows how to entertain a crowd, maybe the guitar show is a bit over the top. Yet you should definitely go and watch them. Girl Power unleashed!

Sandy Mahrer

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