Kamelot, Leaves Eyes, Visions of Atlantis in Pratteln

30.09.2018 Konzertfabrik Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland    F

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The autumn has reached Switzerland and fantastic bands are coming to Z7 almost every day. In winter it’s actually stressful because there are so many bands performing in order to promote their latest outputs before Xmas. First it does not look good, not so many people at the club – but this should change soon, about 1000 people would fill Z7 this evening.

Female singers always attract male audiences, and French Clementine Delauney of Visions of Atlantis especially, a tall beautiful woman who could be a top model as well. Her show seems like a dance choreography, though, she could be more spontaneous on stage. Her vocal partner tonight, filling in for Siegfried Samer, is Michele Guaitoli, borrowed from the Italian band Temperance. He does a good job and the band indeed warms up the crowd.

I have not seen Leaves Eyes since the singer was changed, simply because I did not like the way it was done. Still I am curious what the band sounds like now, as last time they were here they could not quite convince the audience. A group of Vikings opened the show led by a shield maiden in an awesome costume. Then every band member enters the stage one after the other, and after leader Alexander Krull started to sing, the new female singer Elina Siirala joins in. She is a quite good front lady although she seems a bit stiff; she hardly resembles Liv, although blond and tiny; her voice is high but not as gentle as Liv’s. And nothing of the old material is played, probably because there’s only time for 8 songs which are focused on the new material. And this is rather party material and therefore entertains the crowd a lot. Maybe this line-up change was actually necessary to keep this band musically relevant.

After 30min changeover Kamelot are on and naturally, as always, with a new female guest singer. This time it’s Lauren Hart of the Melodic Death Band Once Human. This tiny lady turns out to be a fiercely growling beast, covering the  vocal parts of Alica White-Gluz quite well. The clear parts don’t work that well, she can hardly be heard besides Tommy Karevik’s voice. Kamelot are great as always, yet it a way this is the worst concert I have seen so far. Not because of the quality of the performance but because of the set list. The new stuff is not quite my thing and there are only 2-3 of the old highlights. Instead of the drum solo I would have preferred another old hit song. Still Kamelot are always worth watching!

PS: Maybe it’s time that bands come up with another way to make this band-with-audience-photo afterwards – a photo from the mixing table? Camera dangling from the ceiling? In the middle of the crowd like “spot-the-band”? It’s as out as the duck face …

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